22 February 2012

Show and Tell of pretty things...

I thought I'd share a few things I have bought / can't stop looking at recently.

I love the look of bunting and would love to make some, but it can be really expensive if you don't have the scraps of fabric (surprisingly I don't!). I managed to score this really cute heart bunting from Sainsburys...

It was discounted from their Valentines collection to 90p! I bought two so I could make it longer.

I think this will be stashed away for summer BBQ's and future valentines days : )

My Katie Daisy Print arrived safe & sound.

It's on my hallway wall (My bedroom is the attic room) and makes me smile every time I see it.

A business card was included in the package, with one of her miniature prints on the back..so I decided to hang that up too.

A lovely reminder.

Something else I've been meaning to show you is a sign I made last summer. I had seen this famous quote floating about on the internet. It's a line from How I met your Mother...I thought it was really motivational and uplifting so I decided to recreate it myself....

I love how happy the yellow is!

I'm really into typography prints recently and can't help but look on Etsy to find others...I should really stop... I will run out of wall space otherwise!

Tomorrow is my sisters birthday so I am making her a Giant Cupcake for her birthday cake. It's the first time we've used the special mold for it so fingers crossed it will turn out okay.

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Gemma x


  1. Lovely post Gem. I LOVE that bunting. x x x x

  2. LOving the bunting it's very pretty. As for the how I met your mother quote well! We love that show and that quote is used often in our house.

    Thanks for your comments of late. With ref to my job I'm a training officer, however I'm writing more of the packages now rather than delivering them.

    X x

  3. Oh this is so cute :) I love it :)

  4. Cute Bunting..what a deal as well at just .90p! I love the prints and the sign you made, lovely quotes :)

  5. Thanks for the comment on my blog..I bought the retro bunting in my post from 'bestbuys*2010' on ebay..with the title 'fabulous shabby chic floral fabric bunting 18 flags'.. I hope this helps :)

  6. i love the heart bunting.....i haven't seen anything like that before. very outside the box!!! your katie prints are wonderful and i LOVE the one you did!!! i have always loved that quote....


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