6 February 2012

Snow day

As predicted we woke up to quite a thick dusting of snow. 

I have to admit I turn in to a little girl when it snows.I'm super excited at the thought of making a snowman and then coming in from the cold all rosy cheeked and having a hot chocolate.

On went my wellies (which I have been living in since the snow came!) and out we went for a walk with my dog.

Red berries and snow just look gorgeous together....

After a walk and helping to clear the snow from our driveway, we had some fun with my brother and sister and built an igloo!!

It took forever. I couldn't feel my toes at one point so I gave up towards the end and went inside for some food. Ian persevered and finished it off.

He did a great job...

My dog was a little miffed at this big white thing suddenly in the garden. He sniffed at it a bit, barked at it a bit, ran at it a bit..and then gave up.

The surrounding  snow has now practically melted away. Fingers crossed Spring can now commence!

Gemma x

P.s - This is my 200th blog post..woohoo! Here's to another 200. A Giveaway to celebrate coming soon.


  1. i think you have had more snow than we have had this winter.....it has only measurably snowed here twice for a total of about 6 inches for the whole winter....after last year though, i am very happy to have such a mild winter.

    i love the igloo...i thought your dog would think it was a dog house...LOL!


  2. That is such a cool igloo! Well done! We usually get a lot of snow in Indiana this time of year, but it's been unseasonably warm. Love your wellies...I bet they serve you well in all the slush and snow. How fun!

  3. Lovely post Gem! I love snow too. We had a big storm two weeks ago but now it's all gone : ( Am hoping for some more before the winter is over.

    Great pictures, and PS - Love your boots! : )

    Danielle xo


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