16 March 2012

Early Weekend & A Great Find

Me & Ian started our weekend early this week. To kick start it, we went to go and see Jimmy Carr last night at a local Arts Centre.

Occasionally they have well known comedians come and do a pre-tour show, where they test out their set to see which jokes people like and people don't (we saw Russel Howard there a few months back). The tickets were fairly cheap, we got to sit quite far upfront and it seemed more intimate than going somewhere like the o2. 

It was so funny. I haven't laughed that hard in ages, and I have to say I feel better for it! We will definitely be keeping an eye out for more famous comedians there.

Today we had a relaxing day and went window shopping in the afternoon. I don't think Ian minded as it meant he got to play with the new Ipad 3 at the Apple store.

We happened to pop into Sainsbury's on our way home (after a craving for some grapes!) and I spotted something gorgeous!

These pretty bowls were discounted to £1.99 each. There were plates and mugs included in the range but I thought the bowls would be used more when we get our own place.

The soft pink dots and inner lines are hand painted, so it's a real bargain.

An added bonus is that they go perfectly with the cups I bought a few weeks back...

Happy Friday!!

Gemma xXx


  1. Hi Gem,
    I love going to see shows like that, I went to see Michael McIntyre when he was quite new on the scene and it was really good.
    Those bowls are great, very pretty and go perfectly with the IKEA cups :) I'm off to IKEA tomorrow, must try not to buy too much! xxx

  2. Hi Gemma,
    Those bowls are darling. I LOVE anything polka-dot, especially pink! They go great with your Ikea cups. Now you have a matching set : )

    The comedy show sounds fun. Isn't it the best to laugh like that?! We all need it once in a while.

    Have a great weekend!
    Danielle xo

  3. He cracks me up every time we see him. We took my teenage daughter last year and she howled!

    Super cute bowls. They go perfectly with your new glasses, no wonder you were chuffed.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend hun.

    X x

  4. The Jimmy Carr show sounds like so much fun..I do enjoy him on '8 out of 10 Cats'.

    The bowls go perfectly with your glasses from Ikea..what a great price as well.

    Have a lovely weekend :)

  5. Hi Gemma,
    Aren't those bowls just gorgeous! When I go to Sainsbury's I drool all over these ever so cute pink range.

  6. Awe I love the bowls! Very pretty! XX

  7. i love the bowls....i love polka dots and pink....i probably would have gotten the dishes too!! is ian getting the ipad? i want one but will probably get the kindle fire...cheaper!!



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