10 April 2012

Easter Re-Cap

I hope you all had a lovely Easter. We had a long Easter weekend and tried to make the most of everyday regardless of the cold and rain!

Friday was my brothers 11th birthday, so we had a nice breakfast consisting of homemade waffles, fried eggs and maple bacon...yummy! 

We headed off to a local driving range to hit a few balls and the most bazaar thing happened. To re-fill the ball dispenser machine there is a long tube that sucks up the balls from the field all the way back to the machine. 

Out of nowhere to tube broke (which was right behind where we were playing) and golf balls went FLYING absolutely everywhere. We literally had to duck for cover. Luckily no one was hurt, but that will stay in my memory for a long time.. it was quite scary!!

 Later that day we had a nice meal at a restaurant. 

On Saturday I wanted to check out a craft fair that was near Ian's work place (out of London). The fair itself wasn't great. The atmosphere felt horrible as a customer, it was very quiet and each seller just sat their staring. It just didn't feel right, so we left pretty quickly.

The little town itself was beautiful. I've been there before but we had a good look about this time.

 Cobbled streets.

It's a gorgeous area with lots of little shops but it's very expensive! It's a dream of one day living there. We headed to a shop which at first looks like a gift shop with lovely flowers.

This is a ceiling full of tiny hanging lanterns..love it! 

As you walk further into the shop it turned out to also have a garden center at the back. I got a little camera happy with the beautiful flowers.

We went for a quiet drink at one of Ian's lunch time haunts when he's at work. The pub was old, tiny and had low ceilings. I have to admit it smelt a little of old men but it was cosy and apparently makes nice food lol !

On the scenic drive home (which is something i'm not used to)  we drove past the Harry Potter studio tours. I didn't realise how close we live to where it was filmed. Pretty cool !

On Easter Sunday we had a gorgeous lunch at Ian's aunt and uncles home.

 The table was set so nicely I didn't want to ruin it! As you can imagine we had a lovely time and ate lots and lots! I now have a drawer full of chocolate, which i'm sure will take a while to get through. 

Next weekend is Ian's birthday, so it will be another weekend of naughty eating, I really must be good after that! The 30 day shred DVD has been great but has been put on hold for a little while. I'm now on level 2 which is hard work but seems a little easier than level 1 (it's the cardio that tires me!!). I can see my thighs are starting to look more toned and my arms are more defined. Hard work pays off after all...who knew?!

I hope you enjoyed your weekend and well done if you managed to get to the end of this post....it feels as if it's gone on forever!!

Gemma x


  1. I read the whole lot Gem! Wow you have done a lot haven't you?! Glad you had such a lush Easter. Loving the pics ever so much!

  2. Beautiful photos Gem. That table looked lovely and such pretty wrapped gifts too.

    X x

  3. It sounds like a fun long Easter weekend (except for the broken golf ball tube..scary!).
    Lovely photo's, I like the old fashioned sweet shop and the flowers are so pretty :)
    Have a nice day today..
    Magie x

  4. Hi Gem,
    Seems that you had a lovely Easter hol. Love your pictures and I gotta say that the golf ball incident made me laugh. I am sorry. Thank God nobody got hurt. :) xx

  5. I live near Berkhamsted, it is a lovely town to wander round and their are some gorgeous shops and restaurants.

    Scary about the golf balls! Sounds like you were lucky not to get hurt.


  6. This post didn't go on forever, loved hearing about your Easter weekend. The town looks lovely. Definitely a place I would love to stroll through. All the flowers are so beautiful. I would have been snapping pictures like crazy too! : )

    Glad you had such a nice weekend!

    Danielle xo

    PS I've been to craft fairs like the one you described....very awkward! eeek!

  7. okay, i can't get past that food picture! those fries look heavenly!!!!
    xo TJ


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