27 April 2012

Things I Am Loving Right Now

I love reading posts like these and when I read Claire's (Thanks for the inspiration!) I knew I had to do one.

So this week these are the things I cannot be without...

- Ian got an Ipad for his birthday and I have to say I 'steal' it from him quite a lot! It's fab to lay in bed with and catch up on blogs & twitter. I may or may not have a little go at some of the games on there like Fly guy, as an attempt to beat the OH's high score! I love love love the photo app Instagram, it makes photos look great. 

- The lovely boyfriend also bought me this gorgeous top last weekend, from the TU range at Sainsburys (surprisingly lovely clothes there).I love dainty florals. It has a crochet like back and a small pocket at the front. Perfect for the summer, but i've been wearing it this week to brighten things up a bit (it has rained everyday, all day, for about two weeks). 

- Happy nail varnish. Essie do some lovely pastel colours and those types of colours make me happy : ) 

This is Mint Candy Green. I got it at some point last year & has been waiting to be used since. Anything to brighten things up around here (the skies are a shade of an elephant!)

- My quilt. It's been absolutely freezing so this has helped to keep me cosy on these windy nights. Fairy lights are a must. I've come to the conclusion that I love blankets/throws/quilts. After making the giant granny that would be my third blanket and I have to admit I'd love to one day get an Eiderdown. A particular one from Peony and Sage has caught my eye but it's way out of my price range...One day!!

-I purchased some crochet hooks from ebay as my plastic Mollie Makes freebie broke (luckily at the end of a row). These are metal, so are much better and best of all they are colourful.

- I've been keeping my giant granny crochet stuff in a trusty over sized handbag to take to and from Home...they do have their uses!

- Lastly, my big fat giant mug. I rarely use it as it is massive, but it has come in handy when Tea is the only thing that will make you feel warm again!

Happy Friday All! 

Gemma xXx


  1. What a lovely post - these are my favourite to read! I too love my iPad and that nail polish! It is my fave pastel ever.

    As I said on twitter, I am in love with your quilt, you clever thing!

    Claire xxx

  2. I'm loving your top, very pretty. Mine all love the iPads too.

    X x

  3. Your top is so pretty, Gem. And the nail polish is lovely too. I am all blankets too. It is freezing here and the rain makes it even colder this morning! Brrrrrrr!! :)
    P.S.: That Mollie Makes crochet hook was rubbish!! I was a bit disappointed as the mag is a pricey one and they could have gone a bit further and AT LEAST give away a better one.

  4. i love that top too!! it is so dainty. i love clothing like that. so cute for summer....i adore your quilt, you know don't you, that you and you alone inspired me to make my first pieced (square) quilt. i knew that if you were brave enough to attempt it, i could do it too!! so thank you for that. i am becoming quite obsessed with quilts and throws now too. i have made a couple more just for me with a lot of encouragement and suggestions from my boys too!

    i can't wait to see your granny finished...(that doesn't sound right)...i mean your blanket, not your granny!! LOL


  5. I have to say I have an ipad and I love, love, love it. The best Christmas pressie by far... I adore your top and the quilt is adorable. Thanks for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  6. Things are looking very bright and cheerful over at your place :) x x x x

  7. Such a pretty top and I love the mint green nail polish colour!
    Cups of tea and a nice cosy quilt is a need, in the rainy wet weather we have been having :)
    Great photo's!
    Magie x

  8. what a pretty top! love essie nail polish. just perfect :)
    xo TJ


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