25 May 2012

My Week...

So in a previous post I mentioned that my Grandparents have baby Robbins in their Nestcam box. In anticipation of them hatching we've been popping over a lot to take a look at how they are doing. At the moment the mum is just sitting on the eggs. I tried to get a picture of when she gets up for a look around. It's a little blurry but you can still see her red breast.

I'll try and get some better photos this weekend (hopefully they would of hatched by then!). 


In other news....

With all this sudden warmth and sunshine we are getting I decided it was about time I put my winter clothes away and got my summer ones out. I do this because there would literally be no space for both in my wardrobe...and it's also nice to get a little surprise. You'll often hear me say "Oooh I completely forgot about that!!"

This plastic clothes folder is soo handy! I got it for Ian for Christmas (as he likes to be super organised) and since then it has been used immensely. It makes clothes folding so easy and it compacts my tops to a tiny neat pile.

The clothes then go into a vacuum bag and wont be seen again till Autumn time...bye bye cosy jumpers!


We have been enjoying this gorgeous weather with lovely food and making up for it by walking a lot! I love walking on a balmy evening with this crazy dog...he has not been complaining one bit.

I prefer to eat lighter in the summer. Salads are welcome as a side and a side only...I cannot just eat it on it's own.

Homemade Pesto & Mozerella pizza with rocket

 It's always fun trying new flavours when it's warm...and secretly imaging your on a Mediterranean holiday somewhere with an ice cold drink.

Chicken, Cous Cous and a Greek Salad

I am so happy it's Friday. Tonight me & the OH are having a mini bake-off (we are wild I know!). We are going to baking cookies and freezing them in advance for a charity cream tea which is in a few weeks time. I will of course have to try some just to make sure they taste right ; ).

Happy Friday all!

Gemma x

18 May 2012

A little find and weekend plans

I just wanted to quickly share with you a little find I got a few weeks ago from Homesense. I blogged about this place back in 2010 (time flies!). I pop in every now and then to see if I can find anything gems and this time around I did.

It's nothing amazing, but I love it! It looks very shabby chic but it's sturdy and it only cost £3.99. 

When I first saw it I could envision it with lit tea lights on a big wooden garden table on a warm summers evening. 

Ian, being a typical guy with a practical mind, could see it also on a wooden garden table on a warm summers evening, but filled with ketchup bottles and the like. Great idea but not exactly the look I envisioned. Heehee....

This will go in our box under the bed, where we store all our little finds until we have our first home together : )

I cannot believe Friday is here already, these days it feels like the weekend always around the corner!! It's been a busy week work wise which I am always grateful for and had a lovely little custom order from a customer. She wanted a different colour to the usual style and a & sign. I think it works really well.

Tonight we plan on having a little date night. For us we usually spend our Friday night at home keeping cosy and watch a movie or something, so going out will be a nice change. Finding a cute outfit and painting my nails are on my to do list.

The plan for the rest of the weekend is more baby robin watching, long walks, making homemade pesto (no nuts!), homemade pizza with pesto, lie ins, baking, Hobby Craft and lots of Crochet. 

My giant granny is coming along nicely (no - I am not trying to fatten my nan up haha!). I'm on my 50th round now and it's big but not big enough. My plan for it is to have it as a sofa blanket so it doesn't necessarily need to be huge, just enough to cover my toes when I'm curled up on the sofa. As everyone one says who makes these, I love the way it drapes over me and keeps me warm whilst i'm doing each round. 

I'm starting to think about how I can finish it off border wise and which colour to use. Red or purple are my strongest colours so it's between those, and as for the border I'm thinking about keeping it simple. It's something I'll have to research.

Anyway I hope you all have a beautiful weekend!

Gemma x

14 May 2012

My Weekend

After a long time waiting, we had a sun filled weekend! I felt so much happier to wake up on Saturday morning, radio playing and have the windows open wide. We had a relaxed one and spent most of the time in the garden and making naughty food (something I seem to do every weekend!).

We went to visit my grandparents to see their new tenants, baby Robbins! They have one of those nest cameras so we sat contently watching the eggs, hoping for the mum to pop in.

Afterwards we went on a leisurely walk and just enjoyed the peace and quiet.

For lunch we had homemade pizza. I've learnt recently to make up dough and freeze it. When I'm really hungry I just don't have the patience to make it and wait an hour for it to rise. This way we just defrost it a few hours before and it takes no time at all to make it.

Herbed Pancetta, Sweetcorn and Mozerella.

The rest of the weekend was spent in the garden. My parents recently re-did their decking, so we have been using the old wood to make planters. I say "we", but what I really mean is Ian making them and me sitting there, looking pretty and reading ; ) Ha! They are only half done but with a sand down and some paint they will look fab!

Allium opening up.
Hope you all had a lovely weekend and fingers crossed there is more sunshine coming our way : )

Gemma x

8 May 2012

Sunshine Award

I was really pleased to read that Claire has awarded me with the 'Sunshine Award'..

I know a lot of these are floating around online but I thought I'd share my answers to some of the questions : )

1. Favourite colour?

I wouldn't say I have a favourite but I love different colours during different seasons. In the summer I enjoy corals, pretty pinks and maybe even a turquoise if i'm brave! During the colder months I prefer neutral shades like beige and creams.

2. Favourite number?

I don't have a favourite number but if I did it would be an even one..not sure why?

3. Favourite animal?

I have a cat and a dog so it would be impossible to say which one I prefer..they are both lovely and fluffy and cuddly.

4. Favourite non-alcoholic drink?

I love water. I drink it all the time. People tell me it's weird and that it's boring but I just enjoy it. 

5. Do I prefer Facebook or Twitter?

I much prefer Twitter. I'm on Facebook but I only use it to be nosey (had to be honest!). I love instagram and share my pictures through my Twitter...Find me @Gemma_GLD .

6. What is my passion?

I'd say my passion is homemade. I really enjoy making things myself. It could be something small like a cake or something bigger like my quilt or art for my room. I'd love to have a handmade wedding and the idea of doing it mostly ourselves instead of spending lots excites me.

7.  Do I prefer giving or receiving?

 It’s nice to find something which you know is perfect for that special someone, but I love receiving gifts (as i’m sure everyone does!). I really struggle to find gifts for men..is it just me?!

8. Favourite patterns?

I love small dainty florals in pretty pinks. This top is a perfect example of it.

9. Favourite day of the week?

That is a silly question as you all know the answer...Friday! It’s such a nice feeling when everyone is home and safe on a Friday evening and you know you’ve got the whole weekend to do whatever you like. Best feeling ever!

10. Favourite flower?

I love Peonies. I just love how tight the petals can be and the variation of colour in each bloom. They are so lovely! It’s a perfect flower as they look equally as good in your home as they would do in a wedding.

Via Google

The five people I’d like to nominate are:

Go and check these ladies out!

Gemma x


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