25 May 2012

My Week...

So in a previous post I mentioned that my Grandparents have baby Robbins in their Nestcam box. In anticipation of them hatching we've been popping over a lot to take a look at how they are doing. At the moment the mum is just sitting on the eggs. I tried to get a picture of when she gets up for a look around. It's a little blurry but you can still see her red breast.

I'll try and get some better photos this weekend (hopefully they would of hatched by then!). 


In other news....

With all this sudden warmth and sunshine we are getting I decided it was about time I put my winter clothes away and got my summer ones out. I do this because there would literally be no space for both in my wardrobe...and it's also nice to get a little surprise. You'll often hear me say "Oooh I completely forgot about that!!"

This plastic clothes folder is soo handy! I got it for Ian for Christmas (as he likes to be super organised) and since then it has been used immensely. It makes clothes folding so easy and it compacts my tops to a tiny neat pile.

The clothes then go into a vacuum bag and wont be seen again till Autumn time...bye bye cosy jumpers!


We have been enjoying this gorgeous weather with lovely food and making up for it by walking a lot! I love walking on a balmy evening with this crazy dog...he has not been complaining one bit.

I prefer to eat lighter in the summer. Salads are welcome as a side and a side only...I cannot just eat it on it's own.

Homemade Pesto & Mozerella pizza with rocket

 It's always fun trying new flavours when it's warm...and secretly imaging your on a Mediterranean holiday somewhere with an ice cold drink.

Chicken, Cous Cous and a Greek Salad

I am so happy it's Friday. Tonight me & the OH are having a mini bake-off (we are wild I know!). We are going to baking cookies and freezing them in advance for a charity cream tea which is in a few weeks time. I will of course have to try some just to make sure they taste right ; ).

Happy Friday all!

Gemma x


  1. An evening in baking is my cup of tea! Have fun.

  2. Nothing wrong with an evening of baking! Lets hope we can pack all the winter stuff away for a long time. That robin cam is great.

    X x

  3. how very cool they can watch mother robin!! I think it is so inspiring to watch how hard those mamas work!!!
    fun pictures..way yummy food!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    have a eat weekend!

  4. Ha, I just spotted that we have the same summer dress. The green pattern one with embroidered hem. :D
    An evening of baking, for me now, is awesomely wild!! Since having a child... you know... ;)
    Hope you are having a fantastic weekend, Gem.xx

    1. I love that dress. Such a great purchase : )

  5. Busy girl! But nice feeling to get things done, I'm sure : ) The pesto and mozzeralla pizza looks so good. It's making me hungry! Good luck with the mini bake off. I hope you are sending out samples...: ) xoxo!!!

    Happy Weekend!


  6. nice snaps of your life =) thanks for sharing em hun <3

    love from the NANA girls xoxo

  7. oh gosh, how exciting! i hope you are able to capture when the eggs hatch. what a beautiful moment to watch!
    and all of that food looks absolutely incredible!!!
    xo TJ

  8. How have I only just spotted this?!

    Loving the washing folder - your laundry looks super neat (unlike mine. I love the idea of pizza with pesto on, am going to try it. Wonder if it would work in Stromboli?

    The mama robin made me do a big "Ahhhhhhhh"!

    Claire xx


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