6 June 2012

Jubilee Fun

I feel so refreshed after our extra long weekend. Not only because I baked and ate practically non stop, relaxed with my family and watched lots of films. This weekend I felt so proud to be British...it was an amazing feeling.

This isn't the case usually and sometimes it feels like I don't really 'belong' here. However these past days there has been a huge sense of patriotism, community spirit and belonging. Strangers in the street have said hello, people have gathered for street parties and Union Jack flags could be seen in nearly every street. 

I'm not going to lie, the weather definitely put dampner on the weekend for me. I had hoped for sunny hot days filled with BBQ's, cold glasses of wine and picnics. Instead we stayed indoors most of the time and watched the celebrations on the TV. I painted my nails for fun in red, white and blue.

I also ended up baking nearly everything I mentioned in my previous blog post. 

Victoria Sandwich

Lemon & Blueberry muffins

Lemon and white chocolate cake

I of course (unwillingly..heehee) shared it all. My absolute favourite was the Lemon and white chocolate cake...by far one of the nicest lemon sponges I have had in a while. 

On Monday we went to Denham Village Fair (it's a family tradition that we go each year) and luckily it stayed dry whilst we were walking around. I've probably taken photo's of these houses before but I have to show you my new ones. The houses are stunning.

There were lots of stalls to look at and lots available to eat. I only bought one thing but i'll share it with you another time...just need to get a photo of it!

We had a lovely time as always. I think what I love the most about are the houses..they are all so amazingly beautiful! After a good mooch about we headed off for a good old pub lunch...very British!

It's a shame that the Jubilee has come and gone. Between last year with the Royal wedding and the Jubilee this year it has been fantastic to actually have set days to celebrate our culture. I really admire Americas patriotism and wish we could be the same and celebrate our own heritage once a year every year. Does anyone else feel the same on this?

Gemma xxx

P.s - The best bit about an extra long weekend is that we can already say "not long to the weekend" already...woop woop!


  1. Mmmmmm cake! That all looks super delish.

    I love a village fair. There is just something so comforting about them; they remind me of my childhood and bring back lovely memories. I dream of entering vegetables and homemade cakes into a village fair! One day, Claire.

    I have loved all the patriotism (just blogging something similar!)and the jubilee celebrations!

    Claire xx

  2. oh goodness, all of those backed goods look heavenly! and these pictures are gorgeous! you live in such a beautiful place!
    xo TJ

    1. Thanks for the comment TJ. I wish I could say I lived there but I don't! It's just a little village we go to for the fair, so so beautiful!


  3. Wasn't the Jubilee Celebrations great..shame about the weather though, would have been nice to see a bit more sunshine.
    The village fair sounded like a lot of fun, I can see lots and lots of bunting :) I just love all the pretty cottages and houses.
    That lemon and white chocolate cake looks very delicious..I could sure go for a slice of that!
    Yes, not long till the next weekend...whoo hooo!
    Magie x

  4. Your pictures are lovely!! That lemon sponge looks delish!! :)

  5. Hi, I've just discovered your blog - lovely! Your lemon and white chocolate cake looks scrumptious! Do you have a recipe?
    Victoria xx

    1. Hi Victoria!

      Thanks for the comment! I plan on posting the recipe in the week so keep an eye out for it. It's definitely a keeper : )

      Gemma x

  6. Great photos hun, those houses are stunning, if only one were mine!

    If I'd have known you were baking such yummy food I would have offered my services to help you eat it all. It does look stunning, especially the lemon and white chocolate cake.

    I'm with you and think we should celebrate every year.

    X x

  7. Hi Gemma,
    I love this post! It's so much fun to read about how you celebrated this weekend, as I was watching the Jubilee on TV over here! You would not believe how popular it all was in the US : ) I love all your photos of the beautiful English houses (I would love to see them in person one day, really!!!) and the street fair. Despite the weather, it looks like you had a grand time. By the way, your baked goods look SO good! The lemon and white chocolate cake sounds amazing! Two of my favorite flavors all in one cake~

    Danielle xo

  8. your lemon and white chocolate cake looks great!!

  9. I'm so with you on the whole patriotic thing, I envy the Americans so much for this. It has been so lovely seeing the bunting lined streets and flags flying from local neighbourhoods, if only it could be like this all the time.

    I love a reason to celebrate :) x x x x

  10. Love the ice cream truck! Love the colors and excitement in your photos. What a fun time!


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