25 June 2012

Thomasina Miers Wahaca Mexican Food at Home review

I am a huge fan of Mexican food and flavours so to review Thomasina Miers new book 'Wahaca - Mexican Food at Home' seemed like a must to me!

I had received her previous book for Christmas but found like many other readers that the ingredients mentioned weren't easily available in UK supermarkets. Her new book however promises that the ingredients are easily found here.

The book is filled with recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner to desserts, side dishes and drinks. The book is full of colour as lots of vegetables are used in the recipes, making them bright and healthy and fun!

Something which caught my eye in the book was the breakfast recipe called 'Molletes'. It said it took 10 minutes to make so I quickly made a list of the ingredients and bought them for Sunday morning breakfast. When it came to actually reading the recipe properly that morning, I realised that the refriend beans would take a few hours to prepare...Oops! 

In the end we left out the refried beans and used some fried mushrooms instead. It was my fault for not reading the separate method for the beans properly but it would be better if the cooking time on the Molletes page mentioned this!

The only other criticism that I have for this book is that not all the recipes have photos. I find I am inspired to make food by how they look in pictures so if there aren't many in a cook book, I'm not going to be inspired to make them unless the text is very descriptive.

The Molletes ended up being amazingly tasty and fresh. It's not something i'd usually think of to have for breakfast but it was so simple to make and really made me feel awake instead of stodgy, so I will definitely be making this again.

I will definitely be using this book a lot in the future. It will be great to use for Mexican themed dinner parties or even just to use for a family lunch. A great all rounder!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the recipe!

Gemma xxx


  1. They look scrummy. I like photos as a little like you they inspire me to cook them.


  2. Looks good, but just a well-intentioned word of advice - you might want to do some reading about uk copyright law before you reproduce other people's recipes on your blog.

  3. They look delicous...might try this recipe myself xxx

  4. Looks so good! thanks for sharing :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  5. Those look delish! I did enjoy watching the television series she did on this..but haven't had a look at the recipe books. I agree with you though, it is always nice when they have photo's of each recipe, so one gets a better idea..
    Happy Cooking :)
    Magie x


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