31 July 2012

Car Boot Buys & my painted bowl

I was hoping to do this post yesterday but it wasn't meant to be! 

Whilst doing my sewing yesterday my laptop decided to play silly buggers (I like to watch/listen to Vlogs whilst I sew you see!). It kept crashing so I gave up with it. Then my sewing machine tension went all wrong and I gave up with that. It was a complete 'blah' moment. All is well now as the handy dandy boyfriend re-did my laptop and the sewing machine is back to normal...thank goodness!!


We had a lovely weekend. When Ian got home on Friday evening, we made a dash to the shops and bought some naughty snacks (biscuits, milk shake..you know the drill!), then we rushed back and plonked ourselves in front of the TV till 1 am and watched the Olympic opening ceremony. Whilst watching I managed to get a load of my crochet squares made up so it was half productive ; )

I thoroughly enjoyed it and it made me feel so proud to be British. The James Bond scene & Mr Bean were my favourites. As each country came out towards the end I really began to question my geography knowledge, I hadn't heard of quite a few! Please say I wasn't the only one!!!

On Saturday we got up early and headed off to a car boot sale. We hadn't been to one in ages and the weather was lovely so we thought why not? You never know what you will find in those places! We managed to come away with a few treasures....

The OH spotted this Moroccan style candle holder. It's very different and has a vintage feel to it and for £1 we couldn't say no.

This jug caught my eye. My mum has a nearly identical one and I have been wanting to find something similar for ages.

The guy wanted £3 for it but I decided to be brave and haggle for the first time & managed to get it for £2. Not bad at all!

We also spotted this vintage watering can. They wanted £8 for it but Ian got it down to £5. It has a little rust inside but we will try to fix it up. If not then I think it will look cute as a plant pot or something.

That afternoon I picked up the bowl I painted from the weekend previous. What do you think?

It came out a little 'washy' but I love it! I'd definitely recommend pottery painting, it was so much fun to get creative with paints!

Happy Tuesday xXx


  1. Ooh what lovely finds Gem! Love your painted dish too!
    Victoria xx

  2. I too didnt know half the country's in the olympics so you werent the only one lol.
    Great finds :)

  3. You found lovely things!! Your bowl is really cute! Well done. xx

  4. Hi Gem. Trust me you weren't on your own on not knowing where all those countries were. Infact are you sure they didn't make them up?!

    Loving the finds, that candle holder is amazing. The bowl is supper cute too.

    X x

  5. Wow you did really well at the car booty, some great finds there for you one day home :)

    I love your dish, it looks great. The fact that it looks washy all over just adds to the effect, I really like it x x x x

  6. Great boot sale buys...I like the jug, great job on the haggling ( I must admit I wimp out and usually have my hubby do that bit :P).
    Your painted dish looks great..I have always wanted to have a go at painting my own pottery, I think it would be a lot of fun!
    Have a great day today x

  7. England certainly did put on a spectacular opening ceremony! Your blue bowl is so pretty!


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