6 July 2012

Getting back to normal, My first Giant Granny blanket and 'Cute and Easy crochet' by Nicki Trench

First of all i'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone that sent their condolences about my Grandad passing away. We had the funeral yesterday and although it was very sad, it was also a lovely send off for him. It has been raining all the time recently and yesterday was sunny and dry, we couldn't of asked for it to be any nicer! One of the songs played at the service was a happy upbeat song that he liked from an advert and it will now always remind me of him : ) 

Last week I made my Nan some frozen meals. Just some Lasagne and Cottage pie but I wanted to make something she could just put in the oven when there are days when she cannot face cooking for one. At the moment there are family staying with her but once they have gone I think it will be a struggle for her. Family is so important to have and we are all going to be there for her as much as we can.

I've been meaning to show you my first ever crochet blanket, a Giant Granny! I'm so so proud of it! 

It got big fairly quickly but once I was on the 50th round it was taking me a day to just do 1 round. I was getting a little fed up with it and stopped and then went back to it, but now it's done i'm glad I persevered. 

For the edging I went for a simple double V that I found on Bunny Mummy blog. I used red. I thought red was the strongest colour I used and it brought out all the others perfectly.  

I have been using it to keep warm on these rainy gloomy days we've been having recently but I think it will really be used properly in the Autumn (Eeek..can't wait!). It's perfect for wrapping around myself when venturing out of bed to get a drink when I can't be bothered to grab my dressing gown!


I am now of course thinking about my next crochet project. It has to be another blanket, you cannot have too many in my eyes : ). Since I received 'Cute and Easy Crochet' by Nicki Trench, I have been lusting after her Spring Time Throw!

I love the pastel colours used mixed with the creams. It's so pretty and I imagine it will take ages to make but if I do a square or two a day it will pile up fast.

There are lots of gorgeous things in her book and I want to make practically all of them. These are the things that are caught my eye. I like to make practical things that will get used.

 Pretty swishy scarf

Summer time Shawl. 

These caught my eye for when I have children. The bears are so adorable and I can imagine how much of a keep sake they would become in a family. Something to definitely pass down generation to generation!

This little girls dress is also adorable! I 'Ooohed' and 'Aaahed' over all the little baby things...so cute! 

Something I really love about this book (apart from the beautiful photography!) is that the projects range from beginner, improver and Enthusiast, which is perfect for a beginner like me!

All the patterns are clearly laid out and explained, which makes it so much easier. I tend to get a bit flustered if something isn't going right when I crochet and looking at a confusing pattern just makes me even more angry! There is also a section in the book which shows you how to do a range of techniques used in all the patterns in the book, again perfect for a beginner or a quick reminder.

There was one particular pattern that I don't like the look of and that is one to make a Pavlova. It's just my personal preference but I don't see the point in making something that you can't really use for anything in particular. 

Overall it's a beautiful book and it has really inspired me to carry on crocheting. I intend on making the Spring time throw next (ironic as I'm really thinking about Autumn/ Christmas at the moment!). It's the pastel shades that I love. I will of course keep you all up to date with my new WIP. Very exciting!!

It's my mums birthday this coming Monday so this weekend I will be making her that White chocolate and lemon cake I blogged about the other week, yum! 

Other things planned are films,crochet,cuddles,present shopping,helping my Nan, catching up your blogs and lots of sleep.

Gemma xXx


  1. Hi Gem,
    I am glad that the funeral was a nice send off. I have being thinking of you.
    Your blanket is gorgeous! I am finishing my ice cream blanket and I am very happy that I am (almost) finished with it. It has taken years on and off. It's gotta get finished!
    I have eyed this book for awhile. Perhaps I should bite the bullet and buy it. :)
    Have a lovely weekend, sweety. xx

  2. This blanket looks impressive. I still have AGES to go on mine. Did you sew in the ends as you went???? Any tips would be great. It's a lush colour.
    I have that crochet book. My friend's MIL bought it for me and I hope to make something one day! I need to grasp crochet a bit more first though I think.
    Glad Grandad's funeral went as well as you'd hoped. Which song from which advert? Am most intrigued.
    It's hard when you miss someone who has gone.
    Having lost both of my beloved Nan and Bamps fairly recently, not a day goes by when I don't think of them. Or shed a tear.
    Go with your feelings.
    Big love
    x x x x x

    1. Thanks Gem! I really appreciate your comment. The song is called come up and see me by cockney rebel.

  3. Hi Gem the blanket is amazing I wish I could do something like that it is so beautiful. The colour is lovely. That is so nice that you made dinners for your Granmother that she could heat up I know from exoerience what it can be like to tey make dinner when have a death in the family and making dinner in the last thing on your mind. The song Come Up & Me Me Smile is a lovely song in fact it one of my favourites. Its nice that you will think of him when you hear that song. My thoughts are with you :)

  4. Gem, your blanket is gorgeous, I LoVe the colours! Perfect for snuggling under. I have that book too, such beautiful images and projects! I'm glad your Grandads funeral went as you'd hoped, thoughts are with you still.
    Victoria xx

  5. Hi hun

    I'm so glad the funeral went well, such sad occasions but also a time to reflect on the joys your grandfather brought to your lives too.

    That's a beautiful blanket. You must have loads of patience. The photos in your book look fab. Loving the look of the summer shawl.

    X x

  6. Oh I love that song. Very good tune and happy. Good choice. Off swimming with the kids now. Have good weekend. X x

  7. I love the blanket. The colors are so soft and pretty and I love the pattern. I love the new projects you have bookmarked and I think you should make each one of them. The bears are so cute!! and I love that first scarf too-its so lacy looking.

    I hope things get easier for your grandma. I'm sure that you are a great help and blessing to her.


  8. Awhhh well done that blanket is gorgeous!!I'm so envious as I'm rubbish at crochet=(.I'm currently knitting a blanket instead!I've got that crochet book on my wishlist!!xxx

  9. Awhhh well done that blanket is gorgeous!!I'm so envious as I'm rubbish at crochet=(.I'm currently knitting a blanket instead!I've got that crochet book on my wishlist!!xxx

  10. I'm pleased to hear that the funeral went well (as well as one can go anyway) and how sweet are you cooking meals for you nan, that is such a lovely gesture, I'm sure she was pleased about that.

    I am loving the blanket, it looks fab and didn't really take you that long to make, I'm impressed. How fab is that book though, it is full of so many things I want to make but I am still yet to learn how to crochet ha ha the year is running out I need to get my hook on ;)

    Lots of love and hugs, still thinking of you my sweet x x x x

  11. Hi Gemma,
    I'm glad to hear that you are doing well. Family is so important. I know you will be there for your Nan in the coming weeks. So nice of you to make meals for her. It sounds like she has an amazing support system in your family.

    Your blanket is absolutely gorgeous!!! You did a wonderful job! I can't wait to see what your next project will be. I love all the ones you showed from the book. It's hard to pick just one. A springtime throw sounds nice, but I've been thinking alot about Autum/Christmas too. We are only a few months away! Yay!

    Danielle xo

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