10 July 2012

In the rainy garden.

With all this rain we've been having the garden has gone wild! 

For anyone that doesn't know by now, Ian & I started 'growing our own' a few years back. At the moment we use walls in my parents garden but once we have our own place we hope to grow as much as we can (space permitting of course!).

Some things are doing well. We have Raspberries, Apples and Plums. The Broad beans, Mange Tout, Carrots and Parsnips are also flourishing.

I can see some homemade raspberry jam being made in the near future!

 Some things are struggling. The courgettes are getting moldy and are falling off when they are tiny. I think it's the damp weather. The sweet corn isn't very tall either.

 Flower wise we have some sweet peas, Californian poppies, a few unknown flowers and some small Dahlias.

 Before and Afters...

They are so pretty and dainty!
A little moan now.

I've heard of winter blues but at the moment i'm getting summer blues (if that's such a thing!). There is a huge lack of warmth and sunshine here in the outskirts of London. I can hear rain as I type this and it's getting me down. Summer isn't my favourite season but I love to relish in the BBQ's, S'mores, Bonfires, Paella, Picnics and hazy evenings. I was going to make a summer list but at the moment it feels pointless!

This time last year we were in the midst of planning our Floridian holiday and that makes me feel sad. We aren't jetting off anywhere this year as we are saving saving saving. Sensible but boring. 

I'm living vicariously through other bloggers gorgeous summer holidays. I'm so jealous!

Can any international readers with glorious sunshine send some our way?? We'd appreciate it!

Gemma xXx


  1. my veggies have been ruined by slugs this year. I've got a few tomato plants, and my spuds are doing ok (in a huge pot), I picked recurrants and shoved in the freezer yesterday, but that's about it. I think I've got a surviving pumpkin somewhere. Rotten slugs.

    yours are all doing well!

  2. The veg are looking really lovely.
    We have been planing to grow some, but we lack time. Right now the garden is a massive forest!!
    I am also fed up with this rain. I am actually looking forward to get some sunshine this year when we go to Rio. I am not a fan of the high temperatures over there, but I am missing the sun!

  3. Don't lose hope...I am pretty sure we are in for a late summer..September will be lovely I'm sure!


  4. Hi Gemma , love your garden shots and I LOVE your giant granny...it's gorgeous. So glad you liked the edging :0)
    Jacquie x

  5. Hi Gemma , love your garden shots and I LOVE your giant granny...it's gorgeous. So glad you liked the edging :0)
    Jacquie x

  6. Beautiful garden pics Gem. The weather is getting to me too! C'mon sunshine!
    Victoria xx

  7. your garden is absolutely breathtaking! adore!
    xo TJ

  8. oh yes..we sure could use the sunshine, I agree! I am hoping we start to see some soon..cross fingers.
    Your garden looks just lovely, what pretty flowers! Some of my dahlia's this year have been nibbled by snails..have lost a few things this year due to the wet weather (we have some well fed snails here!).
    Have a lovely day today...enjoy the fruit and veg :)
    Magie x

  9. I have the summer blues too. So many things are getting me down and it is depressing, I hate feeling this way but can't seem to shake it. Hopefully the sun will be shinning on us next Saturday and we will have a wonderful day filled with laughter and happiness :) x x x x

  10. Hi, Gemma! Love your pictures! They are stunning :o) Thank you for nice comment on my blog :o)
    Have a nice evening

  11. Lovely photos :) I grow lots of different veg with my mum and love when it's ready to eat. Yup really wondering where the sun has gone on holiday?

    Tanesha x

  12. Hey Gemma! Thanks for stopping by my blog before, I really appreciate it! Have an awesome day :)
    xo Berni

  13. i loved your photos xx

    your garden is beautiful x


    Natali xox

  14. Lovely pictures and thankyou for your lovely comments over at my blog xxx

  15. Hi Gemma,

    Wow! Your garden is beautiful! Such lovely photos of all your flowers! I hope you make raspberry jam and post the recipe. Those raspberries look so good! : )

    I hope you get some sunshine your way real soon! Sending it to you now....xo


  16. What a lovely garden! Looks like you're doing really well :)


  17. ohhh I love your backyard garden. I want one someday too. Those raspberries look delicious! I like how you're growing flowers too, they're beautiful!

  18. haha awww, i hope your blues goes away soon! i bet the weather will turn around :)

    and your camera takes beautiful pictures, those flowers are so so pretty

  19. LOve This Dear! i enjoyed seeing it, Thanks For Posting ! ♥


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    Blow a Rainbow


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