24 July 2012

Painting with my Bloggy Friends

This past Saturday I met up with my bloggy pals Gem, Gem and Julie. We had planned to meet up at a nearby pottery painting cafe.

I was really excited to catch up with them. We got on so well the first time we met and I knew this time would be just as lovely.

There were loads of things to choose. I wanted something that would get used in our 'one day' house so decided to go for this...

I'm not sure if it's a quiche dish exactly but it has the frilly edges like one. I can see myself using it as a serving bowl or maybe a fruit bowl.

Once everyone had chosen and got their paints sorted we settled down and had a good chat whilst concentrating on our painting. Julie recently got married and the other two Gem's are engaged so as you can imagine there was lots of wedding talk! 

I decided to keep my bowl simple with a faint turquoise colour and some little white polka dots.

I can't wait to collect it this weekend, so exciting : )

After we finished our painting, we had a quick bite to eat then had a good look around the shops (High street, Charity and Junk shops!). Nothing really stood out to me but once we got to the junk shops there were lots of things that caught my eye. There was lots of wooden furniture that would looked so pretty with a little DIY but I didn't ask how much they were...I hate to imagine!

I ended up purchasing this 'vintage' milk bottle...I say vintage but I think it's from the 70's (shows my age..ha!). I liked the look of it anyway and had seen it going for quite a bit in other places so had to have it for £2. 

After we said our goodbyes I had a lovely relax at home in the garden with Ian (Have I ever told you how much I love that guy?). We have now been blessed with some gorgeous weather so I am making the most of it : )

Chilled wine and some yummy food is a must!

 Overall a fab weekend!

Gemma xxx


  1. Those pottery cafe's look so much fun! Love the dish you chose Gem and the colour you painted it with the teeny tiny polka dots is lovely! Ooh it must be fab meeting up with fellow bloggers, looks like to had a super girlie time!
    Victoria xx

  2. Your dish looked lovely, I'm sure it will look even better once it has been glazed, I can't wait to use my teapot :)
    Thank you for a great day my sweet, it was so nice being able to catch up again.
    x x x x
    P.S I'm sure Ian loves you just as much ;) x x x

  3. Ah it was such a great day! I want to do it all over again! Not long until we can pick up our pieces - we must post some pictures of the finished articles! Can't wait to catch up again soon! xxx

  4. aw, your dish looks absolutely incredible!!!
    i've always wanted to do this type of stuff. perfect!
    xo TJ

  5. So jealous!! I wish I was there with you beautiful girls!!
    All the pottery you painted look amazing and ever so cute.
    It seems like a wonderful weekend indeed. xx

  6. Ah your photos look great Gem :) I can't wait to get my teapot! I wanted to do a post, but I think I'll wait til I have the finished thing to photograph too.
    Thanks for a lovely day, we should finish planning for the next one too!
    Hope you have a lovely weekend xxxx

  7. i would have made one exactly the same!! i want to see a picture of the finished product though!! i love the frilly edges of the bowl too!! soooo cute!


    1. I am collecting the bowl tomorrow so will take a picture to put on here. Can't wait!!

      Gemma xxx


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