13 July 2012

Walks, Cake and Crochet.

A few weeks ago we went on a lovely walk in some local fields. As we live on the outskirts of London it is very built up here, so to find some local fields is such a great way to pretend we live in the countryside (Yes, I am a saddo like that!).

I brought the camera along on the off chance of seeing some beautiful things and we did.

Love my pretty spotty wellies in contrast to the OH's big manly ones.

Wild Flowers were everywhere

This space would of been perfect for a picnic if it wasn't so chilly!

We followed this fence line...

And found these beautifully coloured horses

I really want to learn how to use the camera properly. Close - ups are easy, the camera does it all for you. 

It's other kind of photos I want to learn how to take. I would like to go on a photography course to get to know what each of those settings do and how to use them properly! Watch this space.

Pretty purples and yellows.

We came across a big pond, it was so peaceful.

I really enjoy walking in fields as you feel so refreshed afterwards and you can spot some beautiful things along the way. It's the simple things! I can't wait to go back but I can imagine it will be so boggy now.

It was my mums birthday last Monday and I made her that white chocolate & lemon cake i'm always bashing on about! It is scrummy.

I put together a little hamper as her gift. As every personalised hamper should be, it was full of her favourite things. A Vanilla candle, some body scrub, body lotion, chocolate, mini cans of Coke and some perfume. She was one happy lady : )

Crochet wise i've been busy too. I'm aiming to make 4 squares a day to make up the new blanket I want to make. I'm using wool that I have already, to buy all the wool mentioned in the book would cost a lot!

I like pastel shades and I've seen a lot of ice cream colours used in some of the gorgeous photos on instagram, so pretty!

17 out of a few hundred. Mad!

I hope it will be finished in time for next Spring.

Happy Friday all : )

Gemma xXx


  1. Ha ha next Spring! I am like that. I'e been making a giant granny like yours. Been doing it weeks. Only on round 29. I remember you saying it took you a day to do one round after reaching 50. I will BE an old granny by the time I do it. Your country walk looks gorgeous. You probably appreciate it more than others who live in the country. Me and the Princess were pretending to stroke the horse's nose!!!
    x x x x x x x x

  2. What a beautiful walk, love the wellies! Such pretty crochet squares too! Loving the pastel colours!
    Victoria xx

  3. How nice to have a day without rain to go for a walk through the countryside...even if it is just outside the city!

  4. your pictures are wonderful! lucky you!!

  5. Wow, check out your crochet, I'm very impressed. I have everything I need to get started I just need to try it out now.

    Your walk looks lovely, I know what you mean about getting out and feeling re-freshed though, it's a good feeling x x x x

  6. What a lovely place to go for a walk..I am loving the spotty wellies (it is definitely a wellie kind of summer this year!).
    The little bunting on the yummy cake you made for your Mum, is so cute! A lovely idea with the hamper as well.
    Happy Crocheting (very pretty colours!)...
    Magie x

  7. Great pictures and so peaceful :) Cake looks so good, I feel sooooo hungry now! Your squares are lovely, I think I could have a go at just one maybe :)

  8. Ah England have THE best greens! Wish I could be there strolling around in one right now!


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