21 August 2012

A New WIP and a Little Weekend Talk

I only mentioned to you guys that I was making the Spring Time throw the other week , I really thought I could persevere with it and make a few squares a day. 

Seems I was wrong! 

Things got in the way and I only made a few squares every other day. I got a little bored of it, I wasn't excited by it anymore...

...something else caught my eye....

A Starburst blanket.

I saw it being made by someone on Instagram and just wanted to make it instantly. I made one which led to another (sounds like I am cheating on the Spring Time Throw!) and I just kept making more! They are a joy to make, the pattern has a lovely rhythm to it and it keeps my hands busy busy busy.

I managed to get 64 squares made up for the spring time throw so I might use it for a cushion or I might just go back to it another time. We shall see.

Last weekend was a scorcher wasn't it? We spent most of the day time relaxing in the shade with a BBQ on the go, it was too hot to move! Once the sun was setting on Saturday evening we decided to go to the local fields and have a long walk. I love balmy summer evening walks!

The next morning we went to pick some local wild blackberries. They are dotted around and nearby the fields we visited the previous evening. It's quite cool as not many people know they grow there and it's something we do every year. 

It was so peaceful, we took our time to pick as many as we could. Eventually we stopped once we had enough of all little pricks and scratches from the thorns. 

We didn't do too badly did we? I've washed and frozen them for now but plan on maybe making jam or Nigella's Kuchen as it was recommended to me.

Gemma x


  1. Love your starbursts Gem! Very pretty. Definitely go for the kuchen, I made it a few weeks back and it's delish!
    Victoria xx

  2. Hi Gemma, I've just popped over from IG. We must have the same taste in blankets, I've done the Starburst which I loved doing and the Springtime throw is an ongoing project, I've made a total of about 400 squares now, I've been putting together when I get enough squares. It looks so pretty put together, it's worth carrying on.
    If you look on my blog 10th July and 7th August, you'll see it made up. I loved that you went wild berry picking and making jam with it. Deb xxx

  3. I love the starburst pattern..did you get the pattern from online? I just ordered some wool and a crochet hook so I am going to do my first attempt at crochet in the next couple weeks or so :)
    Those Blackberries look really good, enjoy!
    Magie x

  4. oh scrumptious!!! isn't blackberry picking the best?!
    xo TJ

  5. Cute photos!! So those little circles are supposed to be sewn into/onto a blanket!? They're really pretty! Love your blog too! PS. I'd love it if you could visit my blog!


  6. I used to have a classmate who made these circles/squares(?) in class. She would knit too. Her methodic wrapping of yarn and clinking of needles would almost put me to sleep.

    Would love to see the finish product + the photo which inspired it.

    1. Hello!

      Thanks for your comment. I will keep you all updated with my progress on the blanket. I was inspired to make it by the instgram user @coffee_kisses but the pattern was in a mollie makes magazine.

      Gemma xxx

  7. I love blackberry picking - it reminds me of the end of the summer holidays! Oooo I still need to find a blanket to make - I just loose interest too quickly! xx

  8. Hi Gemma,

    The starburst pattern is so pretty! I love all your color combonations and can't wait to see the finished project!

    The blackberries look delicious too! What fun to pick your own. Great idea freezing them. Now you can make jam whenever you want to : )

    Danielle xo


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