3 August 2012

Homemade Raspberry Jam

The only thing we have really harvested so far this year are Raspberries, we have loads of them! I decided to freeze each harvest so that I could eventually use them all for one thing...Jam!

I've only made jam once before with Ian's mum with some of his grandmothers plums from her garden and I really enjoyed it. It was fairly quick to make and the taste afterwards had such a depth that you don't really get with shop bought jams (maybe with the exception of Bon Maman jam!).

I searched for a recipe and found one on the reliable BBC Good Food website (you can find it here). 

It was simple. 

1kg of Raspberries to 1kg of Jam Sugar (I just used normal). Plus the juice of one Lemon. I got nearly 4 jars full.

I think the hardest part about making Jam is waiting for it to cool in the jars. I waited till the next day to try some and it was so yummy!

I made some scones to go with the jam and it tasted so summery. 

It's funny to think that I will use some of the jam to make jam tarts around Christmas time, and it will taste so festive!!

I don't know about you but I'm really starting the think about Autumn now. We went walking the other day and I spotted a few crunchy leaves on the floor, I just HAD to hear that crunching sound again. It had been a long time!

This week I have been lacking enthusiasm in most things. I don't know why but I'm hoping next week I will be inspired and feel a little happier : ) 

This weekend I am going to a market to find some pretty fabric (and then hopefully create something new to put in my shop). 

Other things planned are walks, going to a friends for a games night, dinner at my nans, helping remove a worktop and lots of crochet !

Have a lovely weekend!

Gemma xXx


  1. Oh this looks fab and I have never ever made jam. Do you not have to add pectin to make it set? And when you say you didn't use jam sugar, did you use plain old caster?
    And what's with the jars in the oven? Is that to sterilise them??
    Let me know, I need an excuse to go back to the Pick Your Own farm.
    Sounds like you have lovely things planned.
    Wish I could still have dinner with my nan :-(
    x x x x x

    1. Hi Gem,

      I've just sent you an email .


  2. Ooh I do love jam! It looks very scrummy on your scones! You've got some lovely things planned - looking forward to seeing some of your crochet :)
    Victoria xx

  3. It looks good sweetie, I could just have some of your jam on some hot buttered toast right now! have a happy weekend sweetie

    Bee happy x

  4. Looks yummy. I have loads of mixed berries from the allotment to make into jam. You can't beat home made, it's so mush nicer.

    X x

  5. oh my scrumptious! this looks perfect!!!
    xo TJ

  6. I am dying for a jam making session. Such a lovely autumnal, cosy thing to do.

    Still dreaming of autumn and winter!


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