26 September 2012

Handmade Make - Up / Bits & Bobs Bag

Today I've been making Make-up/ bits & bobs bags. I got some new fabric and just felt like making some cute zip bags that will fit in my bag and hold anything. Make-up, money, phone, keys, sewing supplies , medication and chocolate bars (maybe that's just me!).

They are fully lined and measure 20cm x 15cm / 8" x 5.5". They are perfect for yourself or as stocking fillers for Christmas! They can be custom made so you can choose what fabric you want.

They are £6 + £1.30 UK P&P. I can ship internationally too : ) Let me know if you would like one.

Now although I think these are really cute and will come in handy to keep everything in one place in my handbag...I am sticking to my old make-up bag.

Ian made this for me back in our teens. He used old jeans, hand stitched in the zip and also hand stitched 'I love you' on it. Something I will cherish forever : ) : ) : )

Gemma xXx


  1. Loving the fabrics you're using Gemma! Oh and your makeup bag is the sweetest thing!
    Victoria xx

  2. They are so pretty Gem. Much nicer than the shop brought ones.

    X x

  3. Love this idea and love your blog. New follower for sure! Follow me back via GFC?

  4. Love them! You're such a clever clogs. Still in love with my crochet hook roll. So pretty. x


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