19 October 2012

I Passed!

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Guess what?

I passed my driving test yesterday! Woop Woop : D

I was really nervous and did not sleep at all well the previous night. I conjured a picture in my mind of having a really mean examiner and failing after lots of mistakes. Luckily the one I did have was upbeat and chirpy, and that made me feel at ease. 

The best part of all was that I had zero faults/minors! Myself and my instructor were amazed, he said that in his 32 years of teaching I am the third person he knew to get no faults. Let's just hope I can drive that well all the time now!

I am mostly proud of myself because at the beginning of the year one of my goals was to be brave and finally learn to drive after putting it off for quite a while. Now it's done : )

Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement whilst i've been learning!

Gemma xXx

P.s- My laptop charger has broken and I am waiting for the new one to be delivered.I will get then finally get back to normal posting. Promise!


  1. really pleased for you gem, well done love x x

  2. That is a big deal!! You are mobile!!

  3. Congratulation hun! Thats a great thing too, getting no faults.

    Does this mean you will be doing a a few road trips now?

    X x


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