7 December 2012

Getting Festive!

From Left to right. Things I bought from Center Parcs. Candy Cane, Wrapping Presents for a friend, Pretty Lights, Crafting, Candles, Triple Chocolate Cookies, A Christmas Angel, Apples ready for baking, Christmas things from Sainsbury's, Making Rocky Road (so so naughty but so good!), Fairly lights on the mantel, A Snowflake, Keeping warm, My crochet votive, Our Christmas Tree.

I have been doing a lot of my favourite things recently. Christmas is well and truly here and i'm trying my hardest to make the most of it and soak every last bit up. Putting up the decorations and tree, baking, crafting, lighting candles, making things look pretty and getting cosy with my handmade blankets have been my favourite festivities so far!

We haven't watched any Christmas films yet. We had planned to but we started getting sucked into watching 'The Walking Dead' as we'd heard so many good things about it. A week later we have watched all of it up to date (Half way through season 3. We had some very late nights!). Probably the least Christmassy TV series ever but still fantastic!

So this weekend we are definitely going to be watching something festive...I'm hoping Elf as it's a favourite of mine. Other plans for the weekend include going to see the James Bond film finally (Thank you Lee!), baking and staying indoors keeping warm.

Happy Friday!

Gemma xXx


  1. Wow it looks very Christmassy.

    X x

  2. I like your Christmassy collage..so pretty.
    Enjoy the baking and movie watching this weekend :)
    Magie x

  3. Your photos are lovely! Definitely looks festive to me! : - )

    Danielle xo


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