30 April 2012

The Help

I was just wondering if any of you have you ever read The Help? 

If you haven't, you should!

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I received it as a present this past Christmas, and since I read it I cannot get it out of my head. I have even read a few other books but this is still in the front of my mind. It is the best book I have ever read!

I usually go for a predictable romance (which I do enjoy!!),the easy to read books where you read it, enjoy it and then forget it. I felt unsure if i'd even enjoy reading it but as soon as I read the first page I knew we'd get along fine.

The Help was easy to read (I read before bed and really wanted to carry on each night but my tired eyes couldn't take anymore), but at the same time it was thought provoking. It is so inspirational and makes you realise how hard people worked in those days for such little pay and how lucky we are to live the lifestyles we lead. I laughed and cried during this book and was truly saddened at the end as I didn't want it to finish.

I have since lent to my mum and she loves it just as much as I do!

Whilst reading it I didn't realise a film had been made that is based on the book, so I have that to look forward to! So exciting! I just hope it is as good as the novel itself.

Since reading it I have started looking at other books that aren't romance and it feels good to broaden what I read. 

If you have read it, did you love it? I'd love to know your thoughts.

Gemma xXx

P.s - I've given the blog a mini make-over and changed things around a bit! I love the look of it : ) A recipe page has been added so all my favourite recipes are in one place..perfect!

27 April 2012

Things I Am Loving Right Now

I love reading posts like these and when I read Claire's (Thanks for the inspiration!) I knew I had to do one.

So this week these are the things I cannot be without...

- Ian got an Ipad for his birthday and I have to say I 'steal' it from him quite a lot! It's fab to lay in bed with and catch up on blogs & twitter. I may or may not have a little go at some of the games on there like Fly guy, as an attempt to beat the OH's high score! I love love love the photo app Instagram, it makes photos look great. 

- The lovely boyfriend also bought me this gorgeous top last weekend, from the TU range at Sainsburys (surprisingly lovely clothes there).I love dainty florals. It has a crochet like back and a small pocket at the front. Perfect for the summer, but i've been wearing it this week to brighten things up a bit (it has rained everyday, all day, for about two weeks). 

- Happy nail varnish. Essie do some lovely pastel colours and those types of colours make me happy : ) 

This is Mint Candy Green. I got it at some point last year & has been waiting to be used since. Anything to brighten things up around here (the skies are a shade of an elephant!)

- My quilt. It's been absolutely freezing so this has helped to keep me cosy on these windy nights. Fairy lights are a must. I've come to the conclusion that I love blankets/throws/quilts. After making the giant granny that would be my third blanket and I have to admit I'd love to one day get an Eiderdown. A particular one from Peony and Sage has caught my eye but it's way out of my price range...One day!!

-I purchased some crochet hooks from ebay as my plastic Mollie Makes freebie broke (luckily at the end of a row). These are metal, so are much better and best of all they are colourful.

- I've been keeping my giant granny crochet stuff in a trusty over sized handbag to take to and from Home...they do have their uses!

- Lastly, my big fat giant mug. I rarely use it as it is massive, but it has come in handy when Tea is the only thing that will make you feel warm again!

Happy Friday All! 

Gemma xXx

23 April 2012

Salvage And A Work In Progress

Last week I went to visit a fairly local salvage yard (some of you may recognise it from one of Kirstie Allsopp's TV shows!).

A few years ago, the idea of searching through someone's second hand odds and ends would not be fun to me. But since blogs came into my life, I've realised how they could be my treasure and could be turned into something fabulous...blogs are amazing aren't they?

There were some random things there...

Dirty dirty sinks

Manikins were a little scary but the fireplaces and chandeliers were lovely.
I found some gems hidden about like old church pews...

Lots and lots of garden furniture in perfect condition.

A big wooden trolley in a beautiful washed out cream colour.

Glass bottles perfect for displays or single flowers.

I didn't buy anything but would definitely visit again when we have our own home. There are so many great things to be found, it's just knowing where to look.


Thanks for your lovely comments in the previous post about my crochet. I still can't believe the difference in my first and second attempt at that flower! 

As I mentioned before, I saw a picture of another bloggers large granny blanket and instantly wanted to make one. Since then I have been triple crocheting to my hearts content (now have a very sore finger!) and have produced the beginnings of a blanket...24 rounds to be precise!

It's a WIP so only a sneek peek for now. At first it wasn't any time at all to do a round but as it's getting bigger it's taking forever! Hopefully it will be done soon...my mind is already drifting to make one with lots of christmas colours/patterns...yes christmas already. A girl can never have too many blankets right...

In other news, I had my 8th driving lesson last week. It doesn't feel that long ago that I blogged about my very first one does it? Things are starting to fall into place and feel a lot more natural now...I never thought it would. I still feel a little nervous before each lesson but once i'm in the car i'm fine. There is still a long way to go before thinking about booking a test but I am so proud of myself : )

Happy Monday,

Gemma x

18 April 2012

Crochet Project

I have managed to master my first little crochet project. Yay! After getting it very wrong with my first attempt:

I tried again and somehow made an actual crochet flower!!

It's funny to think that it is essentially a neat formation of knots.

Much better! I had lots of help from Ian's sister, but i'm very proud. Doing this little project has given me *little* addiction to crochet. I have mastered chains, double and treble crochet, but I still need to learn how to slip stitch which seems to be a must to make a granny square.

Since spotting Nicki's from homebird blog (one of my favourite blogs) large granny square blanket, I keep thinking about making it as my next project. A bit too ambitious? Maybe..but I want to give it a go and see what happens.

We had another long weekend filled with way too much food,a BBQ, a christening and two birthdays..one being Ian's.  He took Monday & Tuesday off work, so we had fun galavanting about doing little things to keep us busy, like shopping and going out to eat. There is still a slice of chocolate cake with my name on it, but I need to stop being naughty and eat better. Hmmm...

Everything is back to normal now, which i'm a little glad about. After two weeks of going out I am looking forward to having a normal cosy quiet Friday night in,watching Gardeners World (you wouldn't think we are in our 20's lol ) and hopefully getting on with a giant granny square blanket.

Happy Wednesday!

Gemma x

P.s - Hello new followers! 

10 April 2012

Easter Re-Cap

I hope you all had a lovely Easter. We had a long Easter weekend and tried to make the most of everyday regardless of the cold and rain!

Friday was my brothers 11th birthday, so we had a nice breakfast consisting of homemade waffles, fried eggs and maple bacon...yummy! 

We headed off to a local driving range to hit a few balls and the most bazaar thing happened. To re-fill the ball dispenser machine there is a long tube that sucks up the balls from the field all the way back to the machine. 

Out of nowhere to tube broke (which was right behind where we were playing) and golf balls went FLYING absolutely everywhere. We literally had to duck for cover. Luckily no one was hurt, but that will stay in my memory for a long time.. it was quite scary!!

 Later that day we had a nice meal at a restaurant. 

On Saturday I wanted to check out a craft fair that was near Ian's work place (out of London). The fair itself wasn't great. The atmosphere felt horrible as a customer, it was very quiet and each seller just sat their staring. It just didn't feel right, so we left pretty quickly.

The little town itself was beautiful. I've been there before but we had a good look about this time.

 Cobbled streets.

It's a gorgeous area with lots of little shops but it's very expensive! It's a dream of one day living there. We headed to a shop which at first looks like a gift shop with lovely flowers.

This is a ceiling full of tiny hanging lanterns..love it! 

As you walk further into the shop it turned out to also have a garden center at the back. I got a little camera happy with the beautiful flowers.

We went for a quiet drink at one of Ian's lunch time haunts when he's at work. The pub was old, tiny and had low ceilings. I have to admit it smelt a little of old men but it was cosy and apparently makes nice food lol !

On the scenic drive home (which is something i'm not used to)  we drove past the Harry Potter studio tours. I didn't realise how close we live to where it was filmed. Pretty cool !

On Easter Sunday we had a gorgeous lunch at Ian's aunt and uncles home.

 The table was set so nicely I didn't want to ruin it! As you can imagine we had a lovely time and ate lots and lots! I now have a drawer full of chocolate, which i'm sure will take a while to get through. 

Next weekend is Ian's birthday, so it will be another weekend of naughty eating, I really must be good after that! The 30 day shred DVD has been great but has been put on hold for a little while. I'm now on level 2 which is hard work but seems a little easier than level 1 (it's the cardio that tires me!!). I can see my thighs are starting to look more toned and my arms are more defined. Hard work pays off after all...who knew?!

I hope you enjoyed your weekend and well done if you managed to get to the end of this post....it feels as if it's gone on forever!!

Gemma x


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