21 August 2012

A New WIP and a Little Weekend Talk

I only mentioned to you guys that I was making the Spring Time throw the other week , I really thought I could persevere with it and make a few squares a day. 

Seems I was wrong! 

Things got in the way and I only made a few squares every other day. I got a little bored of it, I wasn't excited by it anymore...

...something else caught my eye....

A Starburst blanket.

I saw it being made by someone on Instagram and just wanted to make it instantly. I made one which led to another (sounds like I am cheating on the Spring Time Throw!) and I just kept making more! They are a joy to make, the pattern has a lovely rhythm to it and it keeps my hands busy busy busy.

I managed to get 64 squares made up for the spring time throw so I might use it for a cushion or I might just go back to it another time. We shall see.

Last weekend was a scorcher wasn't it? We spent most of the day time relaxing in the shade with a BBQ on the go, it was too hot to move! Once the sun was setting on Saturday evening we decided to go to the local fields and have a long walk. I love balmy summer evening walks!

The next morning we went to pick some local wild blackberries. They are dotted around and nearby the fields we visited the previous evening. It's quite cool as not many people know they grow there and it's something we do every year. 

It was so peaceful, we took our time to pick as many as we could. Eventually we stopped once we had enough of all little pricks and scratches from the thorns. 

We didn't do too badly did we? I've washed and frozen them for now but plan on maybe making jam or Nigella's Kuchen as it was recommended to me.

Gemma x

17 August 2012

A little award and some cute accessories!

I was chuffed to read that I had been given a Liebster blog award from Gemma at Love and Life blog. Thank you so much : )

As part of the award I have to share 11 things about me, answer 11 questions Gemma has asked and also ask 11 questions to the people who I will share this award with. I have shared quite a few facts about myself in previous posts and really cannot think of many more, so I might have to miss that part out. 

The 11 questions Gem has asked me....

1. Best Holiday you have ever had?

It would have to be Orlando in Florida. I have been a few times and I never tire of it. Each time you find something different to do and you cannot beat a gorgeous swim in the villa after a long day in the Floridian heat!

2. What is you favourite thing about blogging?

I have made new friends who have similar interests and personalities to me, and I find that is a rare occurrence 'in real life' (gosh that sounds funny doesn't it?!). There are so many new ideas and recipes and experiences shared in blog world and I absolutely love it!

3. Your current emotion and why?

Tired. Literally sleepy but also tired of not knowing what direction my life is going in. 

4. Whats more important to you love or money?

Love is so much more important to me. 

5. How much would you spend on a handbag?

Unless I was rich probably about £100. I try not to be materialistic.

6. Where do you do your food shop?

I live at home with my parents who do the food shop, but if me & Ian are out looking for food we usually go to Sainsburys or Asda.

7. Can you drive if not do you want to learn?

I am learning to drive at the moment. For a long time I wanted to learn but felt so nervous to book a lesson. Now I am glad I did but am nervous to book a test!

8. Heels or flats?

Flats unless it's a special occasion. I like to be comfortable.

9. Ideal job?

My ideal job would be to have a successful small business (which is what I am aiming for at the moment!). I really enjoy making,sewing,baking,gardening and photography, so anything to do with that really!

10. Do you have a pet?

We have a cat and a dog.

11. What are your hobbies apart from blogging?

I enjoy crochet and sewing. I love to cook and bake. So much fun!

I think these awards have been around my little blog circle a lot recently so I won't ask anyone in particular but feel free to take part if you would like to!


This week has been a little slow hasn't it? Usually the weeks fly by but personally this one has dragged by for me. This past week I have been making a few new bits to add to my shop

I have a selection of fabrics & different colours if anyone is interested.I am already thinking about making some up as Xmas pressies for the family!

I hope you have a fab weekend!

Gemma x

13 August 2012

Mexican Pizza

I was given the opportunity to try out Domino's new Mexican range. Free food? Who could say no to that?! 

Last Friday after our walk we stuck on a DVD, ate pizza and relaxed.The perfect Friday night : )

I have to admit I take my pizza quite seriously. It is my favourite type of takeaway and I love to make my own pizza at home. When I do get a takeaway I will only get it from certain places and Domino's is usually the top of the list!

I usually stick to a classic cheese & tomato or Hawaiian (my favourite!), so to try a Chicken Mexicano was going to be something new.

I really enjoyed the Chicken Mexicano pizza as it was very different to any other pizza I have tried before. It was full of fresh veggies but it also had a 'kick' to it which was from the Chorizo and Chillies. I enjoyed the heat from the Chorizo but I felt the Chillies were a little too hot for me to enjoy the pizza properly. I tried to pick them off but as they were chopped so small this was a hard. Next time I will ask not to have them on my pizza.

The Sour Cream drizzle helped cool the pizza down. I usually save my dip for the crusts so to have it with the rest of the pizza was nice. 

Apart from the pizza, Domino's is top of my list because they are a supporter of  The Anaphylaxis campaign. As a nut allergy sufferer this makes a brand stand out to me!

Thanks Domino's!


10 August 2012

Sunset Walks

I'm the kind of girl who doesn't mind a night out every now and then, but I much prefer staying close to home and just relaxing on a Friday night.

Tonight was lovely.

 We had to urge to go walking so we surprised my dog with a longer walk than usual and went to some local fields.

 It was perfect weather for it. The sun was setting and it created this glow that just made us feel so happy and healthy. No one was around so we happily chatted whilst the dog bounded around freely.

As most of you probably know I live on the outskirts of London so we live in a fairly urban area. It was so nice to escape this and pretend we live in the countryside for an hour or so. Peace and quiet : )

Ian and I both agreed this is the kind of lifestyle we want in our future. To live in a village where you can walk to some local fields and walk all evening until the sun has disappeared. 

I am completely refreshed and feel this walk is something I will remember forever. It was a lovely start to our weekend!

Gemma xXx.

8 August 2012

Jars for storage.

This past Christmas Ian got some 'Hope and Greenwood' sweeties. Unfortunately they may contain nuts so I couldn't try any but to be honest I had my eye on the packaging!

The brands style is like an old fashioned sweet shop, it's very fun & bright. When it comes to home decor I would say I dabble between modern and old/vintage style, so these fun jars are right up my street!

I've only recently found a way to use the jars, to store all my colourful cotton spools.

They fit in the jar really nicely.

 I usually keep all my cotton in drawers hidden away so it's nice to have all this colour on show.

I have another jar this size plus a much bigger one made of plastic. It would be a shame to throw them away, I just need to think of a way to use them!

What do you use nice jars for? I need some ideas : )

Gemma xXx

3 August 2012

Homemade Raspberry Jam

The only thing we have really harvested so far this year are Raspberries, we have loads of them! I decided to freeze each harvest so that I could eventually use them all for one thing...Jam!

I've only made jam once before with Ian's mum with some of his grandmothers plums from her garden and I really enjoyed it. It was fairly quick to make and the taste afterwards had such a depth that you don't really get with shop bought jams (maybe with the exception of Bon Maman jam!).

I searched for a recipe and found one on the reliable BBC Good Food website (you can find it here). 

It was simple. 

1kg of Raspberries to 1kg of Jam Sugar (I just used normal). Plus the juice of one Lemon. I got nearly 4 jars full.

I think the hardest part about making Jam is waiting for it to cool in the jars. I waited till the next day to try some and it was so yummy!

I made some scones to go with the jam and it tasted so summery. 

It's funny to think that I will use some of the jam to make jam tarts around Christmas time, and it will taste so festive!!

I don't know about you but I'm really starting the think about Autumn now. We went walking the other day and I spotted a few crunchy leaves on the floor, I just HAD to hear that crunching sound again. It had been a long time!

This week I have been lacking enthusiasm in most things. I don't know why but I'm hoping next week I will be inspired and feel a little happier : ) 

This weekend I am going to a market to find some pretty fabric (and then hopefully create something new to put in my shop). 

Other things planned are walks, going to a friends for a games night, dinner at my nans, helping remove a worktop and lots of crochet !

Have a lovely weekend!

Gemma xXx


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