9 January 2013

Something a little different.

As a lifestyle blogger I usually tend to subscribe to other lifestyle blogs, but recently I have found myself visiting beauty blogs and taking an interest in all things make up! 

I wouldn't say I wear a lot of make up. Eye shadow, mascara, eye liner, some blush and something on my lips is about it. I feel better with a bit of lippy and some eye liner on, without it I just don't feel like me

These are some high street beauty/make-up products I asked for over Christmas and for me they seem to work really well, so I thought i'd share them with you! 

Cheekmate by Soap & Glory was recommended to me by someone on instagram and I have to say it is amazing. A tiny blob will create a rosy healthy looking glow on your cheeks and it lasts all day. It only comes in one shade which at first I was worried about, but you can build up the colour to suit your skin tone.

I've wanted to try a balm stain for a while but never found a colour that suited my skin tone. This is Revlon 'Just bitten kissable' in Honey Douce. On the packaging it seems to be a subtle pinky peach but once applied it is a fairly deep pink. I wouldn't say it stains my lips all day, but it does last for 2-3 hours after being applied and leaves a faint colour. 

I wanted a simple eye shadow palette to play around with as i'm rather new to blending and highlighting. These colours again are very me, I prefer natural earthy tones. This is Revlon Colourstay 'Attitude' which claims to stay on for 16 hours (I'm yet to test if it actually does!). I find that it's perfect for everyday, adding a little more of the dark brown shade for an evening transition. 

Have you used these products before? What are your thoughts on them? I'd love to hear if you have any high street make up that you swear by!

Happy Wednesday!

Gemma xXx

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