7 February 2013

Photography Part 1

So I haven't told you much about my Photography course have I?

Since starting this blog Photography has become something fairly important to me. I just find it so nice to capture a moment which you can look back on and get all nostalgic over. In my case it's likely to be something like "Ooo I remember that cake...it was GOOD!" *Drools* or "I remember that walk we did, the sky was so pretty that evening". At the end of this course I'm hoping to understand all those crazy settings on the camera and also for my photos to have better composition.

So far we have looked at...

Light painting

This is something I've wanted to do for ages! It was great fun playing around making different shapes. I'm now looking forward to bonfire night so we can play with sparklers and make pictures like these!

Depth of field

This is when the foreground is clear and focused and the background is out of focus.

Shutter Speed

Putting it basically, a quick shutter speed is when the camera takes the picture in fractions of a second. I used a quick shutter speed to capture the water droplets when a duck jumped in the water.

Once i've learnt some more and taken more photo's i'll be back to share them with you. We might be going as a class to take night time photos of the London eye so that should be fun!

Gemma xXx


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