28 March 2013


Happy Easter!

I am currently...

Thinking: about chocolate. 

Worrying: About my essay. I've got essays to do for my Interior Design course and i'm not looking forward to writing them. They are seriously on my mind. The last time I wrote as essay was years ago. I had better get planning ...

Watching: The Walking Dead. Do any of you watch it? The Governor REALLY gets on my nerves..I hate him! I'm hoping there is going to be a lot of action  in the last episode.

Wearing: Bright pastel colours for Easter. 

Getting excited about: Easter! We don't really have any plans for the long weekend but i'm feeling so excited. Hopefully we'll be having a nice family meal on Sunday and we will of course eat our body weight in chocolate. Fingers crossed it will be dry so we can go for a long walk.

Happy Easter everyone!


20 March 2013

Cough be gone!

Cough cough...sniff sniff...

That's all I've been doing these past few days so it's just a short blog post for now. On Friday I had the odd tickle in my throat and now I am coughing all over the place! I hate feeling like this.

The weekend was spent keeping warm indoors. It was pouring with rain and I just felt so bleh so we reverted back to winter mode again and put on a film.  Aladdin is the Misters favourite Disney movie. It was so fun to watch it after all this time...we got all nostalgic and sang along to all the songs! I think 'A whole new world' is his favourite...HA!  I love that guy.


13 March 2013

The Ripple

So in my last post I mentioned that I've been naughty and started a new lap blanket. I can completely justify it of course....

 I wanted to take something to crochet at the meet up. The sunburst blanket is still a work in progress but it would of meant me bringing balls and balls of wool to the bar we met at * I may also be getting a teensy bit bored of it*. I can see a new crochet cushion cover on my bed some time soon!

I decided my next blanket would be a ripple. I wanted it to be less colourful than previous blankets I had made, so I've stuck to pink,purple, beige and cream. What do you think so far?

I'm loving it!

It's the repetitive stitches that I enjoy. I can do it sitting in front of the TV and know what stitch i'm meant to be doing next. 

So do you like it? Do you have lots of 'works in progress' that don't seem to get finished? I'm really hoping this blanket will get finished!


11 March 2013

Stitch and Bitch

Saturday was fantastic as I got to spend a few hours with some Blog / Instagram friends. We met up at a bar called The Bohemia which had a relaxed vintage feel to it. It was full of comfy sofas, high ceilings and the smell of great food. We met up to not only catch up but to carry on with some Crochet or Knitting projects. We sat, talked, drank and crafted. It was bliss!

It's so amazing to meet people who have the same interests as me. I'm so thankful that blogs and IG have led me to meet so many wonderful ladies!  If it wasn't for this online community I doubt I would of found my love for Crochet.

Samantha, Lisa and Julie. Us Gemma's didn't manage to get a photo : (!

I showed tried to show Gemma how to Crochet a granny square. It's so hard to explain how it all works! She grasped it really well so hopefully i've passed the Crochet bug onto her! I also started my own new work in progress (Yes - I've started ANOTHER blanket). I'll be back next time to share it with you.

Thank you Julie for organising such a great meet up! 


4 March 2013

Weekend Catch Up

Found via google

I was so happy that we finally had some sunshine this past weekend! Doesn't it feel like something has suddenly awoken from a long sleep? Everything feels a little more alert and fresh.

On Saturday after a gorgeous lie in, we got out of the house and visited some family. We hadn't seen them since Christmas so it was nice to catch up a little plus have a nose at their new kitchen.

Afterwards we met up with my parents and had a drink and some much needed comfort food.

Sunday morning was spent in bed planning this years vegetables that are to be grown, then getting the patch much more presentable and ready for Spring. Once upon a time I thought gardening was something i'd indulge in once I was 60+ . Who knew i'd like it in my early 20's! The thought of balmy evenings watering our plants truly excites me.

It was nice to wear pumps and a light cardigan instead of being bundled up!

As a little reward for our efforts we made a batch of the best cookies i've ever baked! It 's from a recipe someone on Instagram shared. 

They came out huge. Crisp and brown around the edges with a soft and chewy middle. Definitely a keeper. 


Gemma x

1 March 2013


Hello blog. 

I have missed you. 

So since the start of the new year I've mostly stayed indoors. Weekends have been spent hiding from the cold, watching lots of movies (making the most of our love film subscription) and full of cuddles. This grey weather hasn't really given me any motivation. I haven't thought about my blog in quite a while. The veg patch still has left overs from Autumn  and my love for crochet has dwindled. I haven't even taken that many photos (which is bad considering i'm doing a photography class!). 

Found via Google
Now it is the 1st of March, i'm seeing this as a fresh start with my blog. Time is passing by so quickly so I really want to make the most of it and capture lots of memories. Hopefully upcoming weekends will be spent going on Spring walks, celebrating Easter (I didn't realise how soon it is!) and getting out in the garden and i'll be sharing it here *Fingers crossed I still have some readers*.

Happy Friday!

Gemma x


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