20 March 2013

Cough be gone!

Cough cough...sniff sniff...

That's all I've been doing these past few days so it's just a short blog post for now. On Friday I had the odd tickle in my throat and now I am coughing all over the place! I hate feeling like this.

The weekend was spent keeping warm indoors. It was pouring with rain and I just felt so bleh so we reverted back to winter mode again and put on a film.  Aladdin is the Misters favourite Disney movie. It was so fun to watch it after all this time...we got all nostalgic and sang along to all the songs! I think 'A whole new world' is his favourite...HA!  I love that guy.



  1. Sending hugs...Hope you feel better soon

    x x

  2. Hope you feel better soon! xo


    PS Aladdin is hilarious! One of our favorite Disney movies too! : )

  3. oh poor girl, hope you feel better soon!

  4. get well soon, P.S. Aladdin is the best!!
    Love your blog.


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