28 March 2013


Happy Easter!

I am currently...

Thinking: about chocolate. 

Worrying: About my essay. I've got essays to do for my Interior Design course and i'm not looking forward to writing them. They are seriously on my mind. The last time I wrote as essay was years ago. I had better get planning ...

Watching: The Walking Dead. Do any of you watch it? The Governor REALLY gets on my nerves..I hate him! I'm hoping there is going to be a lot of action  in the last episode.

Wearing: Bright pastel colours for Easter. 

Getting excited about: Easter! We don't really have any plans for the long weekend but i'm feeling so excited. Hopefully we'll be having a nice family meal on Sunday and we will of course eat our body weight in chocolate. Fingers crossed it will be dry so we can go for a long walk.

Happy Easter everyone!



  1. I've been trying not to think of chocolate, very hard in a house full of the stuff!

    And like you I love the walking dead and really dislike the governor too.

    X x

  2. All the best with your essays, chocolate will help x


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