11 March 2013

Stitch and Bitch

Saturday was fantastic as I got to spend a few hours with some Blog / Instagram friends. We met up at a bar called The Bohemia which had a relaxed vintage feel to it. It was full of comfy sofas, high ceilings and the smell of great food. We met up to not only catch up but to carry on with some Crochet or Knitting projects. We sat, talked, drank and crafted. It was bliss!

It's so amazing to meet people who have the same interests as me. I'm so thankful that blogs and IG have led me to meet so many wonderful ladies!  If it wasn't for this online community I doubt I would of found my love for Crochet.

Samantha, Lisa and Julie. Us Gemma's didn't manage to get a photo : (!

I showed tried to show Gemma how to Crochet a granny square. It's so hard to explain how it all works! She grasped it really well so hopefully i've passed the Crochet bug onto her! I also started my own new work in progress (Yes - I've started ANOTHER blanket). I'll be back next time to share it with you.

Thank you Julie for organising such a great meet up! 



  1. It was a nice day. Went far to quick!!! Can I steal your pic of us girls please? Xx

  2. Sounds like THE perfect day! xxx

  3. Sounds like you had a amazing time hun x x

  4. this sounds liike it was a blast! I've never gone to a blogger meetup really. Maybe one day! you crochet? that's awesome!

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