4 March 2013

Weekend Catch Up

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I was so happy that we finally had some sunshine this past weekend! Doesn't it feel like something has suddenly awoken from a long sleep? Everything feels a little more alert and fresh.

On Saturday after a gorgeous lie in, we got out of the house and visited some family. We hadn't seen them since Christmas so it was nice to catch up a little plus have a nose at their new kitchen.

Afterwards we met up with my parents and had a drink and some much needed comfort food.

Sunday morning was spent in bed planning this years vegetables that are to be grown, then getting the patch much more presentable and ready for Spring. Once upon a time I thought gardening was something i'd indulge in once I was 60+ . Who knew i'd like it in my early 20's! The thought of balmy evenings watering our plants truly excites me.

It was nice to wear pumps and a light cardigan instead of being bundled up!

As a little reward for our efforts we made a batch of the best cookies i've ever baked! It 's from a recipe someone on Instagram shared. 

They came out huge. Crisp and brown around the edges with a soft and chewy middle. Definitely a keeper. 


Gemma x


  1. Sounds like a good weekend to me my lovely :) Good to see you blogging regularly too.

    I was meant to blog last night but my Facebook page needed more updating than I had realised.

    Cant wait to see some pictures of the garden once it is in full flow. Here is hoping for a good summer x x x x

  2. what a cute post! it really is all about the simple, little things, so thanks for the reminder! darling blog! XO the well-traveled wife

  3. Soft and chewy middles of cookies are the best! And that comfort food looks scrumptious!! It needs to get in my stomach now ;)
    xo TJ


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