31 May 2013

A Lovely Village Fayre...

First of all I just wanted to remind you of a yummy cookie recipe I blogged about earlier this week. Take a peek if you missed it..they are so worth making this weekend if you fancy something sweet!


Just a little post about our trip to the annual fair in Denham Village. If you are a new reader, Denham fayre is something my mum has been going to since she was 4, so as a family we've been going for a long time! I love traditions like that.

It was a lovely sunny day, usually it is cold and wet! We took a slow walk up and down the lane and looked at each stall. Last year I managed to buy a gorgeous Vase but this year there wasn't anything that caught my eye.

Sometimes it's lovely just to go and look at the beautiful houses.... It would be a dream come true to live somewhere like there. Utterly Gorgeous!

Have a great weekend,

Gemma xXx


  1. That wisteria is so lovely. Town fairs can be such fun, specially if you find something nice to buy.

  2. lovely blog!


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