30 May 2013

Future house??

Since I've been doing my Interior Design course I have been looking around my bedroom, itching to change things. New readers should know I am still living at home with my parents whilst we save for a deposit, so my bedroom is the only room I can play with!

As we are saving up there is not much point in me redecorating, but one thing that is bugging me is my windows. My bedroom is the loft room, I have got two VELUX® windows but when the final touches were added no one ever got around to getting the proper blinds for them. It seems to be quite common that the blinds are forgotten about - Ian's loft bedroom is the same! He even tried to bodge it and make some himself...it was a bit of a failure I should add! I've been looking at them on the VELUX shop website. 

One that did catch my eye....White Spring Roller Blinds from VELUX

VELUX have a huge range of blinds to choose from. From electric to manual blinds, energy saving to black out blinds, plus lots of colours and patterns to choose, it will be hard to make a choice!

You know I really can't wait know what kind of house we will have. Will it be a new build or something with a little more character? Will it be large and airy or small but cosy? It's a little frustrating to think about as we literally have no idea where we'll end up, but until then I can let my creative juices flow through Pinterest. I have lots of boards on there, my favourite is my 'For the Home' board. I hadn't looked at my board properly until recently. I had just pinned randomly before but now i''ve looked at it properly I can see what kind of style I like, so I thought I'd share it here.

I've noticed I like rooms with 'Cool' colours. Neautral whites, beige and greys mixed with light blues and pinks.

Lots of soft furnishings. Comfy sofas and plump cushions. Possibly a nice open fire.

I would love to have a large country style kitchen with an island. This picture makes me feel so relaxed. It's open, it's airy and it's so light!

 I would love to get baking in this kitchen!

It will be interesting to see if my style remains the same or changes by the time we actually buy a house. We shall see!

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Gemma xXx

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own. Picture of blind sourced from VELUX. Other pictures are sourced via Pinterest!

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  1. I love cool colours too, creams and aqua are my favourite.
    In the 'old' days, one prepared for an eventual home with a 'bottom drawer' in which went linen, towels etc all collected over the years.


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