22 May 2013

In the Spring garden...

This past weekend we spent a lot of time in the garden. We are at that time of year again where I don't actually like vegetable gardening. You see we had to 'thin out' our Carrots and Parsnips, picking out the weaklings and leaving the stronger larger seedlings to continue to grow. To me it seems like a huge waste but hey-ho, that's part of it all I guess.

We pulled up our Leeks, they aren't very big! I'm not quite sure where we are going wrong. Some of them were still pencil thin?

This year we decided to grow less vegetables so there is more space for the ones that we do plant to grow properly. I think when we first started we got a *little* too excited and tried to cram in as much as we could. We learnt in the long run that a Parsnip will not grow that big if they are too close together.

We've also learnt that not everything will turn out well. We've struggled to grow broccoli, sweetcorn and cabbage etc in the past, so we decided to dedicate the space to more straight forward vegetables like peas and courgettes. 

Our moody cat being nosey!
We have been noticing a little visitor in one of our bird boxes. We saw it a few weeks ago with something in it's mouth but didn't realise it was actually building a nest! So exciting! 

I used the zoom on my camera to catch her face, so sweet!
My mum found this feeder on sale on Homebase, since we put it up the birds have been loving it!

That's about it as far as the garden update goes. I can't wait to start hearing the baby Robins chirping! So are you growing any vegetables? What easy/straight forward veg can you suggest?

Gemma xXx


  1. Very sensible to grow fewer and easier vegetables. Courgettes are good, also Runner beans, French beans, beetroot (but not too close!), salad leaves, radish, lettuce. Peas, we grow mangetout,which are lovely in salads too.

  2. Hi there. Great post, I am growing my own veggies for the first time this year and I think I may be guilty of over planting too much in one small bed. So far my salad leaves are beginning to appear but that is about all. I look forward to seeing how your vegetable patch develops.

    Love Laura xxx

  3. Oh im no good with suggestions, but i love the pics. Such pretty little birdies. We have some at the bottom of our garden, but we can't quite get a good picture as there is so much branches etc in front of them.

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