12 May 2013


A weekend or so ago we spent the day in London. As a belated birthday present to Ian, his parents paid for us all to do a boat tour down the Thames! It's something i've never done before so I was really excited to see the sights from a different angle.

We arrived around lunchtime so went to a little cafe by the Savoy hotel on Embankment. It was absolutely gorgeous as all the spring flowers were out.

The colours were absolutely amazing! 

Soon after it was our time to go on the Rib boat. The weather wasn't all that great so we bundled up in our hats and coats, plus a life jacket just in case.

First of all we started off slow with the guide telling us all about the different sights.

Then, once we went under London Bridge, the fun really began. We sped down the Thames at 70mph whilst the driver twisted and turned and tilted the boat (like in the James Bond films!). 

We got a good splash or two in the face from the water (Yuk! I hate to imagine what's actually in that water) but it was so much fun. We reached the Thames Barrier, turned around, and sped back down again to Embankment with James Bond music blaring from the Boats stereo. So much fun!

As i've mentioned before, we only live on the outskirts of London with a 40 minute tube ride into the center. We don't go that often but when we do we have a great time. We really should make the most of living so close to it.

I hope your having a great weekend so far!

Gemma x


  1. it looks like spring has sprung over in london....we have had a couple of weeks of nice weather here but the warm weather isn't here to stay yet!!! what a fun birthday treat that was. the pictures remind me of when harry potter flew down the thames in the 5th movie (i think). you really should spend more time in the city, i'll bet there's a ton to do....

    happy belated birthday, Ian!!

    xoxo, cindy

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