29 May 2013

Meet Ollie

So we were kept extremely busy this weekend by a little puppy called Ollie. 

My parents were originally looking into rescuing a young lab but unfortunately it fell through. I thought that was that and left it. 

Later on Saturday afternoon I got a call from my dad saying they were on their way to pick up a puppy! I couldn't believe it.

I was shocked.
I wasn't ready.
I was panicking a little.
I was really nervous and anxious.
I cried. I cried because I missed Jasper and I felt it was too rushed after Jasper died. 

Any girl would be giddy with excitement at the thought of a puppy but I felt guilt. I felt like my family were trying to 'replace' him, but nothing could ever replace him. He was an amazing dog. I took to Instagram to vent and got a few responses from some wonderful women that made me feel lots better. I couldn't stop my parents from getting another dog, it wasn't up to me. All I can do is enjoy this new dog and remember Jasper. Jasper is gone for good but a new puppy will keep his memory alive...

So a while later they pulled up with this little bundle of joy...

His name is Ollie and he is 11 weeks old. 

So far he has been such a sweetie but a rascal! He is into everything. Sniffing, nipping and trying to chew anything in his sight. We've had to 'puppy proof' everything, but day by day he's getting better.

Everything he does reminds me of Jasper and it's bringing back memories I forgot I had of him. I know at first I was reluctant but now i'm getting a little used to having this softie around. Let's just hope he will become a good boy like Jasper was! 

Gemma xXx

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  1. he is a cutie and obviously what you needed but didn;t know it :o)


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