28 May 2013

My Makes


How are you? How was your long weekend? We had a great weekend where we were kept VERY busy, but I will be blogging about that tomorrow. So you'll have to find out then...

I don't really like to promote my business on my blog but I guess I should. Surely that's one of the plus points of owning a blog? So if you are a new reader, you should know that I design, I sew and I sell my makes. My link is on the side if you fancy having a proper nose (do you like the spin on my name?). I've been working on a few new bits and pieces recently but the bulk of my orders are always the good old favourites. Hearts, stars and anchors seem to be very popular all year around.

New readers should also know that i’m doing an Interior Design course! I’m really enjoying it. I’m learning much more than I thought I would, and I find myself thinking about what i’ve learnt when I look around, inside and outside. I really can’t wait for us to get our own place so I can start to design and turn them into real life rooms. It’s all very exciting!

Something that I find I am struggling with is advertising. As my business is online, I’m always looking out to advertise on other blogs and websites...if you know of any blogs that advertise please do let me know! I’d like to start selling more ‘in real life’ so to say. It would be great to meet up with customers and discuss designs and fabrics and create them customised pieces for their home. I thought advertising offline would be a pain but i've since come across a service called Royal Mail door to door. They print and distribute your leaflets door to door which helps small businesses like mine reach a wider offline customer base, so that is definitely something worth looking into! 

I've had a bit more practice recently with 'real life' customers through Ian's aunt. She's been redecorating her house and asked me to make her some customised cushions with some lovely materials from John Lewis. I was so nervous to present them to her but she loves them so that was a huge relief!

Anyway I hope your enjoying your day so far,

Gemma xXx


  1. They all look lovely, hope your promotion goes well. You could try a special offer for first time buyers, maybe?

  2. Your makes are all so pretty :) good luck with promotion, are you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc?

    Bee happy x


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