20 May 2013

Trying to move on...

Happy Monday...

Thank you for everyone who has messaged or left a comment for me about Jasper. We are starting to feel a little better about it all. It still feels weird him not being around, it's the little things that are hitting me hard. 

 We have spent lots of time reminiscing and telling funny stories of things we remember Jasper doing. One story which sticks out in my mind was when we were taking him for a walk around the streets one evening, Ian needed something from him car so opened the passenger door and leaned over. Jasper must of got a little excited thinking we were going to drive to the park, so he randomly jumped onto the passenger seat and climbed across to the drivers side, whilst Ian was still reaching for whatever it was. So random! It made us all laugh though. 

We are all dealing with his passing differently. Mum and Dad of course upset but are already talking about getting another dog one day. It would most likely be a Labrador as they are such a lovely breed. They've also been searching online for young rescue lab's on the Battersea dogs home website. I would like for them to get another dog but I feel like it’s too soon for me to even start thinking of another one. I just feel like that would be cheating on Jasper?

My young brother Alex has taken it the hardest, as he up with Jasper and can't really remember a time without him. He hasn't been eating that well since, we are hoping it will get better in time. We've been trying to distract him a little. He's always been a football fan so we're trying to get   him into those Royal Mail Football Heroes.       He loves to collect things so hopefully it will give him something to focus on in the mean time.  
Gemma x


  1. Hope things get a little easier soon for you all, poor Jasper, a home is not a home without a dog :)

    Bee happy x

  2. My dog has been ill recently but thankfully better now, they really are part of the family. Poor you all x


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