20 June 2013

A Barn Star and Retro Scales

I was completely thrilled to be given a favourite blogger award from Dotcomgiftshop. I was even more thrilled when they gave me the opportunity to review some bits from their shop! I have to admit this is probably the best brand I have worked with since I started blogging, I love absolutely everything in this shop! I know my readers would agree with me! Everything is so pretty!

I chose something pretty and something practical.

This barn star was something that stood out to me. It is made out of wood and has distress marks to make it look vintage. It will look so cute above a door or on a narrow wall. It could even sit on the mantlepiece and lean against the wall.  Best of all it will double up as a Christmas decoration!

I have to admit I hoped the star would be bigger. It is roughly the size of my hand so it isn't huge. I would love a bigger one! People who have left reviews on the website have said the same. Dotcomgiftshop please sell some larger ones, they'd sell like hotcakes!

I also received some red retro style scales. Aren't they gorgeous? I'm looking forward to having them on my worktop one day. The bowl is nice and big so it will allow me to make double batches of baked goods without having flour over spilling!

The scales come in different colours red, cream, pastel blue and pastel pink. For me it was between the cream or red, but I thought it's nice to have a pop of colour now and then, so red it was!

Please bookmark Dotcomgiftshop.com because it will come in handy one day when you are stuck for gift ideas for anyone! Be warned  - You will end up spending hours and hours drooling over everything!!

Thank you so much Dot com gift shop!

Gemma xXx

NB: I was sent these items to review for free, but all my opinions are my own. 

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