7 June 2013

A Bit Of InstaLove

Today I'm linking up with Alycia from the Crowley Party on her Tid & Bits blog posts. It's just a little post to share the random things that have been going on in life lately. Here's mine through my Instagram snaps...

1. Pub garden drinks on a Sunny day
2.Chocolate cake made by the future MIL. Yum!
3. Early morning tea after Ollie woke us up at 5am. Spot the sleep cat!
4. Pretty Alliums. One of my favourites.
5. BBQ time.
6. Strawberry milkshake. Don't mind if I do!
7. My first time trying strawberry cider. It was good!
8. Laying under a tree, looking up at the clouds.
9. Ollie. Such a sweetie bear!

So my photo's mostly seemed to be focused on food and drink...tsk tsk! You can follow me on @Gemma_gld on instagram if you'd like. Are you on instagram? 

Happy Friday!

Gemma x


  1. Lovely Gemma! Most of my photos are food related too! Hmmm.... : )

    PS Ollie is so cute!!!!

  2. Looks wonderful, and kisses to the beautiful Ollie!

    1. Hello!

      Thank you for popping by! Ollie is such a sweetie but he's hard work.

      Gemma xxx

  3. Lovely post, I think this could well be the way forward for me hehee Instagram updates :) x x x x


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