11 June 2013

Are You Thinking Of Christmas Yet & A Review!

I was given the opportunity to review some baking bits from a company called The Craft Company. As you know I love to spend time in the kitchen baking, so I could hardly say no! I was allowed to choose items up to £10, so I picked out a cooling rack and some cookie cutters.

I'm quite an impatient person. One thing I dislike about online shopping is waiting for my goodies to be dispatched and delivered. It's the worst waiting for the postman isn't it? Well my order from The Craft Company came the next morning ...so major brownie points for that!

I decided to bake some cookies over the weekend and give the cutters and cooling rack a whirl. Something I loved about the cutters is how sturdy they are and the tin they come in. Others i've used get misshapen after a few uses and get lost among other things in the drawer, but this tin keeps them tidy and in one place. They are also made in England which was a nice little surprise!

The cooling rack was also a better quality than I expected it to be considering how much great value it is! It was lovely and wide so all my cookies could fit without piling on top of each other. The cooling rack is nice and slender so they are easy to store too.

Overall I am thoroughly impressed with my experience ordering with The Craft Company. I have nothing bad to say about the service I received and the products they sent me, so I happily recommend them for you to try! 

If you fancy baking some of these cookies, you can find the recipe here. They are 'in theory' Christmas Cookies as they have a tiny hint of cinnamon but they are so good dipped in a steaming hot mug of Tea! Anyway who can resist the thought of Christmas in June?? Certainly not me! Are you thinking of Christmas yet? I know it's terrible but it's so cold here at the moment I can't help it!

Gemma xxx

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