3 June 2013

Mood Board

I'm coming to the end of my second exam for my Interior Design Course. Time is flying by so I've really started to get my butt into gear and crack on with the coursework! As part of my course I have to make sample boards, where you basically present fabrics, paint colours and any other materials to be used on a board to show clients how they all work together. To practice I've been asked to first of all make a few mood boards. They each represent two styles/moods. I'm hoping they are easy to guess....

What do you think? The Romantic one is definitely my favourite. I love all the soft pastel colours!

I thought making a sample board would be fairly easy but so far it seems that I am wrong! I've found it a struggle to find shops that give you/ send you free samples. After having a chat with a few people doing the same course as me, they suggested I should take a look on eBay. I hadn't thought to look there! I asked around and some sellers were more than happy to send me some free of charge fabric samples using eBay delivery, result!

So now I just have to print off some pictures of flooring and paint samples and then I can put it all together. I just hope it looks okay and not a mess! I'll try and get a photo of it before I send it off to my tutor.


How was your weekend? Mine was good but I was left feeling a little deflated.

The weather here wasn't as sunny and hot as we were promised it would be. I was so excited to spend lots of time outdoors, to have a potter in the garden, lay out on a blanket and read something or other. It ended up being so cloudy and windy so the sun was constantly popping in and out and the pages on my magazine were flapping around, it got quite cold and annoying! We did manage a quick BBQ and bonfire but it wasn't as I imagined it to be. I know it sounds stupid but I hate it when you imagine how fun and amazing something will be, but it's not! Do you ever feel like that?

I spent the rest of my time baking and playing with Ollie the puppy so it wasn't all that bad!

Gemma xXx


  1. I like the romantic board best too!

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