27 June 2013

Ollie Update

I thought today I'd do a little update on Ollie the puppy. He has certainly kept us busy! Here is a little update from the pup himself ; ) ......

 These past few weeks have flown by! I have grown quite a lot, my bed doesn't seem so big and scary anymore. I can now go down the decking steps all by myself without help, sometimes I just jump down all three of them without a care! I'm  also getting very heavy, I don't think i'll be able to have cuddles for much longer.

I love to investigate absolutely everything. One day when I thought no one was looking I made a run up the stairs and hid under someones bed. I didn't want to come out..i'm a stubborn boy you know!

One of my favourite things to do is annoy the cat. At first I just wanted to play but now I love to just bark at the cat and annoy him as much as I can. He doesn't seem to like me much... Everyone else hopes we can be friends one day.

I now go out for walkies! It's so much fun to see and smell new things. I get distracted very easily by anything that passes by. I just stop and stare at cars that drive by. I even tried to chase a petal the other day!

Anyway, I'm off to have a long snooze. I'll be back soon!

Ollie x


  1. You are getting very big Ollie, I suspect you are an even bigger boy now :) x x x x


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