17 June 2013


Today I just wanted to share with you this sweet bracelet I bought recently. 

 I rarely treat myself to something new. I'm one of those people who is happy with what I have got, but on occasion I will spot something and then it will stay in my head until I buy it  (this has been referred to 'the wanties' by people over on IG!). 

I saw this bracelet similar to this online from a shop in the US, but it was super pricey. On the off-chance I went onto Etsy, found this gorgeous bracelet which was fairly similar for a fraction of the price, and better yet it's handmade!

Do you like it?

I love how simple and symbolic it is.

You can find the Etsy shop called Minnie Grace (such a sweet name!) here if you are interested.

Gemma xXx


  1. Pretty and delicate :)

    Bee happy x

  2. Thank you and I am so glad you like it :)

    Minnie Grace x

  3. Your bracelet is darling! Love it! Glad you treated yourself to something special ♥

  4. It's lovely. So simple but so sweet :) x x x


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