5 June 2013

Summer Dresses

I got this in a soft blue colour but couldn't find a picture online!

I just wanted to share with you these two cute dresses I bought from H&M recently. I've come to realise my summer clothes are practically non-existent. I don't have many summery bits because I only really wear them for 2 or 3 months. Anyway everything is either too small (so much for that summer body!) or something I'd wear in Florida, so not exactly London summertime friendly. 

I'd love to wear maxi dresses and skirts but i'm such a shortie that they swamp me. Instead, I opted for these casual dresses. I especially love the lace detail, it's so feminine!

They come up knee length on me so they are modest, and I managed to get both of them in store for under £15! 

Where do you shop for your summertime essentials? Most shops sell such similar things I don't know where to start!

Gemma x

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