15 July 2013

A Picnic In The Garden

As the weather is continuing to be glorious, we decided we'd have a picnic over the weekend. 

We gathered lots of ingredients and prepared them on Friday night. The following morning, we packed up ready to go but then decided it was actually way too hot to get in the car and trapes around a busy park trying to find a spot a shaded spot. So instead we stuck to the back garden.

It was lovely and quiet. No one disturbed us. We had pillows and blankets,access to a clean toilet whenever we wanted and unlimited drinks! Sometimes staying at home on a hot day is the best idea.

Ollie decided to join us in Ian's garden. He's such a cutie but he can be such a handful at times. He would lay down asleep one minute and be a little rascal the next. At one point he tipped up his water bowl and got drenched, then decided to charge at us, so we ended up very wet too! lol

After we took him back home we got our yummy food out. Caramelised Chicken with a Corn Salad (I'll post these recipes on my blog on Wednesday).

They were both delicious and a great combo! After this photo was taken a swarm of flies decided to join us too... Luckily they didn't land on the food but it wasn't the most relaxing picnic i've ever had. Flies are horrible aren't they?? We must of looked so weird waving our hands around shooing them away...

After we ate we had a lie down on some cushions and just watched the clouds go by...

We love to play a little game where we say what we think each cloud looks like. It sounds silly but it is fun! It's funny how we both see the same things in some clouds but something completely different in others.

I can see a shark in this cloud? Can you?
The rest of the weekend pretty much consisted of this. Relaxing in the sun/shade, swatting flies and eating yummy food!

The rest of the week is set to be just as hot..around 30c! I really wish on days like these that we had a swimming pool..if only! It is lovely to be able to wear dresses without tights but I do prefer my Autumn clothes and feeling cosy. 

Gemma xxx

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