10 July 2013

In the summertime...

I just thought i'd share a few snaps from my Instagram on here from over the weekend. I should really start using my proper camera a little more!

1. Raspberries from the garden. I'm freezing them little by little so I will eventually have enough to bake something out of them!

2. Relaxing in the garden on a boiling summers day! I love looking at the sky when it's so blue.

3. Scoffing some yummy banana bread my future MIL made. So good!

4. Walking Ollie over some fields whilst my brother was at his cricket practice.

5. The Paella we made over the weekend. It was so good!

6. Hot dog!

7. My favourite Fanta summer drink. I love it!

8. Sitting in the sun.

9. Relaxing in bed feeling a little grumpy!


How are you finding this little heat wave we are having? I am loving it but it's too much when your carrying on with your day to day chores. This weather brings back memories of being in Florida sitting by the pool. If only!

Gemma X

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