1 July 2013

Mini Haul

Over the past weekend we did a little shopping. As you know Ian and I are putting as much money away as we can into our savings for a house. Most of the time we are really good but now and then we do treat ourselves.

We popped into John Lewis to look at what was on offer in their sale. We are that kind of couple that love to buy bits for our future home, so when we saw these sweet Christmas bowls we couldn't say no! 

They were hidden away at the bottom of a shelf so you really must look high and low for bargains. The bigger bowls were £1 each. They would be perfect for nibbles on a cosy winters evening in.

The little bowls were also £1. I thought they should of been reduced further because of it's size, but Ian still wanted them (he loves home stuff... it's something I adore about him!). These don't have any mention of Christmas on them so they can be used throughout the year. Ian thought they'd be great to organise ingredients when before starting to cook dinner.

I also made a cheeky purchase in Boots! They had an offer on the make-up so I ended up with some new lippy and some nail polish.

What do you think of my purchases? 

Gemma x


  1. Lovely to find a bargain in John Lewis! They will be very useful.

    1. I love a good bargain! We've used the little bowls already. xxx


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