8 July 2013

Paella In The Garden

I took part in Money Supermarkets 'Big Night In' challenge. You can end up spending a lot of money going out these days, so Money Supermarket asked bloggers to show how they would spend £50 on a big night in!

I decided to spend my £50 on an outdoor dinner party with my family. As the weather was perfect for something a little continental I planned on cooking Paella. Our Paella contained many ingredients...chicken, pancetta, squid, mussels, prawns and cod to name a few.

We all sat around our table outside in the sunshine whilst me and my dad worked together to cook this wonderful dish. We had this huge paella dish previously..it's great to put on the BBQ!

On top of the ingredients for our dinner I bought some drinks...A must have for a hot summers day!

Ollie enjoyed our little party too! So much so that he was shattered halfway through.

After a long wait we finally got to eat. We ate our Paella with a big hunk of Ciabatta bread...so good!

It was so yummy!

Afterwards was the surprise dessert. Profiteroles and chocolate dipped fruit. 

We had a great evening !

Here are some of my tips for a great night in:

* Takeaways are an easy option but they can be so pricey! Why not go to your local supermarket and buy a pizza from there fresh counter? It's much cheaper and much healthier!

* Look out for deals. Buy drinks and snacks when you see them and save them for your next night in.

* Play some games! The wii is so much fun for kids or adults. A good old classic card game is great too.

* Invest a little money in a film subscription. You will be able to rent months worth of films for the price of a few trips to the cinema! It's such a better way to watch movies!

Let me know what you do to have a good night in at home?

Gemma xXx

NB: Money Supermarket provided the £50. Thank you money supermarket!


  1. Sounds like lots of fun and everything looked so yummy. I love having party nights in x

  2. Wow that all looked delicious! Looks like you had a great night too :) So glad we both managed to get it all sorted and get involved :)


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