18 July 2013


Just a teeny tiny post to share my sweet peas with you. They are something I love to grow alongside the vegetables. I adore the smell of them! My mum on the other hand really dislikes the smell (she says it reminds her of cat wee!). I decided to keep them outside by popping them in some jars and putting them on the garden table. I have to admit I secretly prefer them out there too, it really looks lovely!

Do you like to grow Sweetpeas or do you think they smell of wee too? I’d love to know what YOU think. Please leave a comment.

Gemma xXx

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  1. Still VERY behond on blog posts but just had to take time to comment on this one :) I can't say I have ever noticed a smell of cat wee. I quite like the smell of sweet peas and can;t wait to be growing lots more of them next year :) x x x


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