23 August 2013

A Review! : Ozeri Touch Digital Kitchen Scale

I was recently given the opportunity to review an Ozeri Touch Digital Kitchen Scale. I absolutely love anything kitchen related so jumped at the chance to try out this gadget!

As you know I love to bake so having an accurate scale is really important to me.  These scales have a tare feature which subtracts the container/bowl weight and only measures the ingredients. This is such a great feature, especially if you are making a one bowl cake! It means even less washing up!

The LCD screen is large and bright. These scales also measure all in all sorts of different units of measurements, lb/oz, kg/g, fl.oz and ml . I think this is really useful and will make my baking experience even easier! No more searching for a jug. Just a quick touch and I can measure how much milk I am adding to my chocolate cake.

Something else I love about these scales are how sleek they are. They are so thin and shiny. They barely take up any space on the counter top or if you wanted to store them in a cupboard. They also clean up really well, just a wipe over and they look as good as new.

I'm going to be using these scales to also weigh my makes before posting them out. Knowing how much it weighs helps me to calculate how much P&P is!

I hope you enjoyed my review! Thank you very much for this opportunity Ozeri!

Gemma xXx

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  1. They look brilliant. Where are they stocked? Maybe Lakeland?

  2. Hello!

    These are available on Amazon. I must of forgot to add the link. Sorry about that!

    Gemma xXx


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