22 August 2013

Beginning Our Couch To 5k Journey!

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A few days back we embarked on the first day of our Couch to 5k journey! I felt so nervous before we started..I'm not sure why. I don't feel like I'm a runner. I also think I have this fear of tripping over and falling flat on my face. Not sure why! We have done two runs so far and I am aching all over and absolutely shattered. I'm hoping this running lark pays off...!

So the first week starts off with a 5 minute warm up of brisk walking, then 60 seconds of jogging then 90 seconds of walking. The jogging and walking alternate for 2o minutes, ending with a 5 minute cool down. I thought it would be relatively easy, especially after doing the shred! I guess not.

On the first run it only took a few minutes of running before I was out of breath and struggling. Ian was running way ahead as if he had been running all his life. Why is it that men make exercise look so easy?? He was barely out of breath. 

The second run was a better. It was still really hard and I felt like giving up but I powered through it. My heart was pounding and I was literally as red as a beetroot but it was worth it.  I've spoken to quite a few bloggers who have already done it and they've said each run gets easier and easier and you will enjoy each one. I'm hoping so! We've decided to do a session of the shred between each run to do a bit of extra weight training. 30 days was a lot but we feel like we could gain a lot more from it by carrying on every now and then.

I really need some proper running trainers so that is on my list as I want to run as safely as I can!

I'll do another update on our Couch to 5k journey soon!

Gemma xxx

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  1. You go girl!! It DOES get easier! I promise! Running races is the BEST motivation to keep going :)


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