6 August 2013

Cooking With Brita!

I was recently sent a BRITA Marella Filter Jug* so I could take part in Brita's campaign 'Better with Brita'. The campaign is to show filtered water is not just beneficial for drinking, it is also great to use in cooking! 

Famous presenter and TV chef Lisa Faulkner is launching the 'Better with BRITA' campaign highlighting how she uses BRITA filtered water as an ingredient in cooking for the best tasting food and drink. For details of BRITA products go to www.brita.co.uk.

I love to drink water. It is my go to drink.  We are lucky to have great tasting tap water but after taking part in this campaign I was shocked to read what is really in our tap water. It contains chlorine, limescale and other impurities which can affect they way our meals and drinks taste. After having a few glasses of water from the Brita Marella Filter Jug I could taste a huge difference in my water. I am even drinking more water now as it's so convenient to have ice cold water whenever I like. 

Brita sent me some Lisa Faulkner and Brita recipes to try out. They all looked so yummy so it was hard to choose a particular one. This one caught my eye as Broccoli is my favourite vegetable.

In the end I really fancied a pizza for lunch so we decided to have a go at the recipe using the Brita filter jug.

I have to admit the pizza tasted wonderful! The base was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside..just how I like it! It made me feel a lot better knowing the water used for the dough was filtered.

Overall I love my new Brita jug. Thank you Brita!

Gemma xXx

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